Banner and link to the homepage for the Office for Institutional Diversity

Colleges and Other Major Units
Photo for the page on diversity efforts in the colleges and schools at UK

College of Agriculture
College of Agriculture's Office of Diversity

College of Arts and Sciences
Statement of Commitment to Diversity

College of Communications and Information Studies
Summary of Diversity Efforts (.pdf format)

College of Education
College of Education's Office of Equity and Diversity

College of Engineering
Summary of Diversity Efforts (.pdf format)

College of Fine Arts
Summary of Diversity Efforts and Programs (.pdf format)

The Graduate School
Diversity at the Graduate School

College of Health Sciences
Cultural Competence Information

College of Medicine
Message from Dean Frederick C. de Beer, M.D.

Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce
Mission, Vision and Goals

College of Pharmacy
Why students choose the College of Pharmacy