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Welcome from Interim Vice President Terry Allen and President Capilouto
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Diversity and Inclusivity
Welcome to University of Kentucky's Office for Institutional Diversity. This website provides information and links to programs, activities, institutional diversity plans, initiatives and data that focus on the University's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The mission of an all-important postsecondary educational institution must recognize diversity and inclusivity as essential elements of a quality education.

As the University of Kentucky Governing Regulations state:

The University is committed to diversity as a vital characteristic of an optimal education and workplace. The University maintains a firm conviction that it must strengthen the diversity of its communities, support free expression, reasoned discourse and diversity of ideas; and take into account a wide range of considerations, including but not limited to, ethnicity, race, disability, and sex, when making personnel and policy decisions. The University is committed to periodically evaluating progress made toward diversity and to communicating the results of such evaluations. Based upon these assessments, the University will give diversity factors consideration to ensure achievement of its mission of instruction, research and service and gain the broadest benefits for the university community.

Every member of the university community contributes to UK's compelling interest in the educational benefit of diversity. We must work every day to offer a welcoming environment where our students, employees and guests are enabled to realize their full potential. Institutional Diversity offers programs and services to assist in sustaining this commitment.

The Office for Institutional Diversity includes:

  • Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services
  • Student Support Services
  • Martin Luther King Center
  • Health Colleges Student Diversity Services
  • Office of LGBTQ* Resources

This website contains a great deal of information that we hope you find useful. Please accept our invitation to participate in the many opportunities the University offers to share experiences with individuals from diverse backgrounds and world views. Above all else, we must embrace an appreciation for the differences that exist among members of our university family, remove barriers and disparities, and continuously assess progress.

Thank you and best wishes!

—Terry Allen, Interim Vice President for Institutional Diversity


Photo of President CapiloutoPresident’s Welcome
This past year, in celebration of the University of Kentucky's 150th anniversary, UK Associate Professor and 2014 Kentucky Poet Laureate Frank X Walker captured the spirit of this institution in his poem titled, "Seedtime in the Commonwealth."

"How fortunate we are that nothing can substitute for wisdom, that the wisest among us still gather on this hill, to unlock our word hordes, ply them in robust discussions that fuel imaginations, while we wonder and weigh, measure and move, sow, reap, explore and explain; as we teach, lead, heal and create — the harvest of what we don't yet know."

How fortunate are we, to serve as the Commonwealth's indispensable institution — the University for Kentucky.

In order to serve our Commonwealth's best interests — and those of the nation and world — a "diversity of community" is central to everything we do.

Our ability to prepare students for success in a global and increasingly interconnected economy is, in an important sense, most determined by the learning environment we provide them. Similarly, the ability of our faculty and staff to harness and reach their potential is facilitated, in large measure, by the extent to which our campus community is diverse, welcoming and inclusive.

Our work does not stop there. We must nurture an environment with a "diversity of ideas" — not for the sake of our institution, but because the creation and discovery of knowledge improves conditions in Kentucky, throughout the nation and across the world. Indeed, a collection of perspectives — informed by an array of life experiences, lessons and philosophies — yields a better developed approach to all that we do at the University of Kentucky.

Deeply understanding this dynamic — and acting upon it — means we will work each day to strengthen the diversity and inclusivity of our university community through recruitment and retention of an increasingly diverse population of faculty, staff and students. We will continue to support initiatives that provide rich diversity-related experiences for all, to help ensure their success in a diverse and interconnected world.

I look forward to our work, together, in advancing this important goal.

—Eli Capilouto, President