UK - Diversity Plan 2011-2015

University of Kentucky 2011-2015 Diversity Plan

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The University of Kentucky 2011-2015 Diversity Plan is written in compliance with the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education statewide diversity policy - Kentucky Public Postsecondary Education Diversity Policy and Framework for Institutional Diversity Plan Development. The UK Diversity Plan sets forth objectives in student enrollment and retention consistent with the 2009-2014 UK Strategic Plan, and employment objectives as specified in the annual UK Affirmative Action Plan. To guide the development of this 2011-2015 Diversity Plan, the University of Kentucky definition of diversity as stated in UK Governing Regulations follows:

The University is committed to diversity as a vital characteristic of an optimal education and workplace. The University maintains a firm conviction that it must strengthen the diversity of its communities, support free expression, reasoned discourse and diversity of ideas; and take into account a wide range of considerations, including but not limited to, ethnicity, race, disability, and sex, when making personnel and policy decisions. The University is committed to periodically evaluating progress made toward diversity and to communicating the results of such evaluations. Based upon these assessments, the University will give diversity factors consideration to ensure achievement of its mission of instruction, research, and service and gain the broadest benefits for the University community.

UK Governing Regulation
Part I, F.

The University has implemented policy and practice changes in accordance with the institution's compelling interest in diversity. What began many years ago as a review of the use of diversity in student admissions quickly expanded to provision of student financial assistance and other areas involved in student enrollment and student achievement. Affirmative employment initiatives that promote diversity are also well-documented in the institution history.

The 2003-2006 University of Kentucky Strategic Plan The Dream & the Challenge first addressed the broad significance of diversity with Goal V: Nurture Diversity of Thought, Culture, Gender, and Ethnicity. The objectives of this first-ever diversity goal stated:

  1. The University will improve the climate for diversity.
  2. The University will create a diverse workplace and learning community.

The University continued a focus on diversity in the 2006-2009 Strategic Plan. In Goal IV: Enhance and Nurture Diversity four objectives were established:

  1. The University will adopt an organizational structure that supports diversity, makes explicit the shared responsibility of the entire community, and facilitates the achievement of its aspirations.
  2. The University will establish a coherent, focused, university-wide implementation strategy to achieve diversity.
  3. The University will ensure that its core belief in the value of diversity is manifest in its curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and campus climate.
  4. The University will use its community engagement efforts to affirm the value of diversity and promote dialogue about pressing social issues.

In development of the 2009-2014 Strategic Plan, the University once again put forth a major goal, including objectives and strategies, to define this compelling diversity interest. Goal 4: Promote Diversity and Inclusion outlines three objectives:

  • 4.1   Promote inclusive excellence across the University.
  • 4.2   Promote curricular and co-curricular transformation that recognizes the educational advantages of diversity.
  • 4.3   Enhance campus/community collaborations in areas where opportunities exist to build diversity and increase inclusion.

As a federal contractor receiving more than $50,000 in federal contracts annually and employing greater than 50 employees, the University of Kentucky is mandated by federal Executive Order 11246, amended by Executive Order 11375, to have a written affirmative action plan. This plan must include statistical and narrative analyses, the identification of problem areas, and establish employment goals and timetables for women and all minority groups as required components set out in the aforementioned regulation. To support this regulatory requirement, Metric 4-3 of the 2009-2014 Strategic Plan is "Achieve the employment goals of UK's annual Affirmative Action Plan."

The University of Kentucky 2009-2014 Strategic Plan Mission states:

The University of Kentucky is a public, land grant university dedicated to improving people's lives through excellence in education, research and creative work, service, and health care. As Kentucky's flagship institution, the University plays a critical leadership role by promoting diversity, inclusion, economic development, and human well-being.

Appendix 1: University of Kentucky 2009-2014 Strategic Plan

The Kentucky Public Postsecondary Education Diversity Policy and Framework for Institution Diversity Plan Development requires institutions to address four areas in each campus based diversity plan. Institutional performance in each strategic area will be measured by CPE using data analysis and gap analysis to establish the status toward achieving CPE diversity policy and campus diversity plan objectives. The four diversity plan areas are:

  1. Student Body Diversity
    1. Undergraduate student enrollment
    2. Graduate student enrollment
  2. Student Success
    1. Student retention
    2. Graduation rates
    3. Degrees conferred
    4. Credentials conferred
  3. Workforce Diversity
    1. Faculty
    2. Staff
    3. Executive/Administrative/Managerial
  4. Campus Climate
    1. Campus Environment Team
    2. Comprehensive assessment of strategies and best practices implemented in support of the institutional diversity plans
    3. Employment retention and promotion

For the purpose of this diversity plan, the University of Kentucky will focus on 1. Race/ethnicity in Student Body Diversity and Student Success; 2. Gender, all minority groups, and African Americans in Workforce Diversity; and 3. All diversity and inclusion of the University community under Campus Climate.

The CPE diversity policy also requires each institution's diversity plan to monitor and report to CPE the status of Kentucky resident African American students in enrollment, retention, and graduation.

Under the leadership of the President, Provost, University officials, and a host of faculty, staff, and students, timeless hours are spent promoting the University of Kentucky as a welcoming institution and building an infrastructure that will sustain the long-term appreciation of diversity.