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University of Kentucky Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The 2016 University of Kentucky Hazard Mitigation Plan Update has been approved by FEMA and adopted by the University of Kentucky.


The University of Kentucky’s Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved March 10, 2016 and will keep the Unviersity in compliance with federal hazard mitigation planning standards resulting from the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, as contained in 44 CFR 201.6.  The current plan is approved for a period of five years, until March 9, 2021.  As a result, the University is an eligible applicant for state and federal funds for mitigation and disaster assistance grant programs administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
University of Kentucky’s Hazard Mitigation Goals:

  1. Protect Lives
  2. Protect University Property
  3. Ehhance Existing, or Develop New, University Policies
  4. Build and Strenthen Partnerships
  5. Increase Campus Community Understanding
  6. Integrate Risk Reduction Strategies

The 2015 update to the University of Kentucky Hazard Mitigation Plan was a collaborative effort on the part of UK Police:  Division of Crisis Management and Preparedness, the UK Hazard Mitigation Steering Committee, state and local agencies, the University of Louisville Center for Hazards Research and Policy Development, and interested members of the UK community.  A series of steering committee meetings was held on UK’s campus to accomplish the following:

  1. Update UK’s hazard vulnerability assessement
  2. Measure progress and update UK’s five-year mitigation action plan
  3. Commit to plan maintenance measures for the next five-year cycle

The projects identified and the priority placed upon them through this planning process will guide the Unviersity and influence opportunities for FEMA funding over the next five years.

The University of Kentucky Police Department- Division of Crisis Managemant would like to extend its gratitude to the steering committee and all of our campus and community partners who participated in the upate process.

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