Capital Projects Management Division serves as liaison between the University clientele having capital construction needs, other University service units, and privately owned companies providing the necessary design, consulting and construction services.

This Division develops and coordinates the University's programmatic space requirements and reconciles those needs with available project funding, to maximize the programmed space. Construction Impact Map
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Physical Plant Division provides cost effective and responsive service for maintenance and operation of facilities, grounds, utility services, and other related support functions that support the instructional, research, and public service functions of the University of Kentucky.

Physical Plant support services include maintenance and operation of facilities, grounds, utility services, minor renovations, and related services.
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Physical Plant Medical Center provides high quality, professional facilities services to support the healthcare, research, and educational programs of the University of Kentucky Medical Center complex through innovative and cost effective housekeeping, preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, renovation and life safety initiatives.
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About Facilities Management

Facilities Management is a service organization composed of units that plan, construct, manage, operate and maintain the physical assets (buildings, grounds and utility systems) of the university. The mission of Facilities is to provide a physical environment in which staff, faculty and students can achieve excellence in teaching, learning, research and public service. The units strive to adhere to a set of core values including: a commitment to quality service delivery, positive customer communications, professionalism, teamwork, and environmental responsibility.

Contact Information

Vice President for Facilities Management & Chief Facilities Officer
225 Peterson Service Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0005
(859) 257-5929

Facilities Management Contacts

 Charlotte Blakeman - Administrative Staff Officer | | Office: (859) 257-5929 | Fax: (859) 323-2120

 Andrew Blues - Assoc. Director Facilities Information Services | | Office: (859) 257-4292

 George Brown - Supplier Diversity Business Enterprise Coordinator | | Office: (859) 257-3204

 Dall Clark - Director Capital Construction | | Office: (859) 5912

 Adrienne Green - Personnel Manager | | Office: (859) 257-8493

 Kevin Kreide - Director Campus Physical Plant | | Office: (859) 257-3875

 Ed McClure - Director Medical Center Physical Plant | | Office: (859) 257-7569

 Judy Needham - Facilities Planner | | Office: (859) 218-3114

 Shane Tedder - Sustainibility Coordinator | | Office: (859) 257-0014