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Staff Directory

Dall Clark, Director, CPMD
257-5912 dall.clark@uky.edu


Business Office

Marike Steyn, Business Officer
257-5913 m.steyn@uky.edu

Tara Tecau, Assistant Business Officer
218-3118 tara.tecau@uky.edu

Virginia Helbling , Administrative Staff Associate 1
257-5914 Virginia.Helbling@uky.edu

Les Winkler, Accountant
218-3121 lwinkle@uky.edu


Capital Projects

Rich Riedl, Project Manager*
218-3117 riedl@uky.edu

Brian Hoerr, Project Manager*
218-3112 brian.hoerr@uky.edu


Bob Williams, Assistant Director/Project Manager**
218-3120 rswill@uky.edu

Raymond Haunsz, Project Manager**
218-3107 raymond.haunsz@uky.edu

**Denise Cooper, Administrative Coordinator
**218-3103 dlcoop2@uky.edu


David Collins, Project Manager ***
218-3169 dcollin@uky.edu

Sandy Redmon, Project Manager***
218-3115 sredmon@uky.edu

Keith Ingram, Project Manager***
218-3108 kingram@uky.edu

***Quentine Stone, Administrative Coordinator
***218-3152 quentine.stone@uky.edu


Charles Lane, Project Manager
218-3109 clane@uky.edu

Angela Walton, Project Manager / EComm Administrator
218-3119 angela.walton@uky.edu


Facilities Planning Unit

Warren Denny, University Architect
218-3105 WDenny@uky.edu


Interior Design

Shareese Malone, Interior Designer
218-3110 samalo2@uky.edu

Debi Miller, Interior Designer
218-3111 Debi.Miller@uky.edu


Capital Project Management