00    Standards and Guidelines

  0    Bidding and Contracts

  1    General Requirements

  2    Site Work

  3    Concrete

  4    Masonry

  5    Metal

  6    Wood and Plastics

  7    Thermal and Moisture Protection

  8    Doors and Windows

  9    Finishes

10    Specialties

11    Equipment

12    Furnishings

13    Special Construction

14    Conveying Systems

15    Mechanical

16    Electrical

17    Communications


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  CSI #
CSI Title Applies to: Dated: Downloads:
00000S01 Introduction and Preface All Projects Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
00005S01 Ameresco Baseline Adjustment Procedure ESCO Bldgs. 1/4/2012 .pdf  
00005S02 Ameresco Scope of ECM's installed ESCO Bldgs. 1/4/2012 .pdf .docx
00005S03 Ameresco ECM Checklist ESCO Bldgs. 1/4/2012 .pdf .xls
00005S04 Ameresco Baseline Adjustment Form ESCO Bldgs. 1/24/2012 .pdf .docx
00010S01 Design Guidelines All Projects. Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
00011S01 Design Qualities All Projects Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
00012S01 Design Principles All Projects. Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
00013S01 Guidelines for Rehabilitation All Projects 9/01 .pdf .doc
00014S01 DHBC Code Review Agreement on projects up to $1,000,000 scope All Projects 10/08 .pdf  
00014S02 ADA Guidelines All Projects 01/14 .pdf .docx
00020S01 Hazard Communication Information All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
00020S02 Hazardous Materials Check List All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
00020S03 Asbestos Information for Consultants & Contractors All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
00020S04 Lead Information for Consultants & Contractors All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
00020S05 PCB Information for Consultants & Contractors All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
00020S06 Spill Prevention Information for Consultants & Contractors All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
00020S07 Stormwater Information for Consultants & Contractors All Projects 05/12 .pdf .doc
00020S08 Stormwater Post Construction BMP Operations & Maintenance All Projects 02/12 .pdf  
00021S01 Laboratory Design Guidelines All Projects 6/98 .pdf .doc
00021S02 Safety Standards for Chemical Laboratories All Projects 4/02 .pdf .doc
00021S03 HBC waiver to use NFPA Chemical Storage Limits All Projects 06/03 .pdf  
00022S01 Technical and Performance Standards: Fume Hood Systems All Projects Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
00023S01 Explanation for Solvents in Laboratories All Projects 5/07 .pdf .doc
00024S01 Post Occupancy Roof Fall Protection All Projects 1/14 .pdf .docx
00025S01 Office/Workstation Space Guidelines Academic/Workstation & Academic Support Functions 7/11 .pdf .doc
00030S00 Renumbering Rooms All Projects 05/2012 .pdf .doc
00030S01 Room Numbering Standards All Projects 10/13 .pdf .doc
00030S02 Floor Numbering and Room Numbering Checklist All Projects 07/12 .pdf .doc
00030S03 Sample Drawing with Room Numbering All Projects 02/11 .pdf
00030S04 Key Drawings For University Buildings All Projects 03/2012 .pdf  
00031S01 Building Efficiency Standard All Projects 06/09 .pdf .doc
00050S01 Parapet Walls MedCen/Hosp only 10/00 .pdf .doc
00050S02 Work Above Ceilings All Projects 10/09 .pdf .doc
00050S03 Space Data Information MedCen/Hosp only 6/01 .pdf .doc
00060S01 Utility Cart Policy All Projects 11/12 .pdf  


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