UK Design Standards

00    Standards and Guidelines

  0    Bidding and Contracts

  1    General Requirements

  2    Site Work

  3    Concrete

  4    Masonry

  5    Metal

  6    Wood and Plastics

  7    Thermal and Moisture Protection

  8    Doors and Windows

  9    Finishes

10    Specialties

11    Equipment

12    Furnishings

13    Special Construction

14    Conveying Systems

15    Mechanical

16    Electrical

17    Communications


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  CSI #
CSI Title Applies to: Dated: Downloads:
Special Conditions of the Contract for Construction by a General Contractor
All Projects 11/15 .pdf .doc
Special Conditions of the Contract for Construction by a Construction Manager at Risk
All Projects 11/15 .pdf .doc
01000S01 Medical Center Project Manual for General Contractor Contracts MedCen/Hosp only 11/14 .pdf .docx
01000S01 Medical Center Project Manual for Construction Manager at Risk MedCen/Hosp only 11/14 .pdf .docx
01000S02  Confined Space Entry MedCen/Hosp only 6/95 .pdf .doc
01000S03  Energy Lockout / Tag Out MedCen/Hosp only 2/95 .pdf .doc
01000S04  Utility Outages for Renov and Const Projects MedCen/Hosp only 4/01 .pdf .doc
01000S05  Bypassing Fire Alarm System Points MedCen/Hosp only 6/97 .pdf .doc
01000S06  Fire Response Procedures All Projects Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
01000S07  Performance Standard for Construction Site Fencing All Projects Prior to 4/02 .pdf .doc
01000S08  Closeout Submittals All Projects 7/01 .pdf .doc
01010S01 Summary of Work        
01020S01 Allowances        
01025S01 Measurement and Payment        
01030S01 Alternates/Alternatives        
01035S01 Modification Procedures        
01040S01 Coordination        
01050S01  Field Engineering Survey Standards All Projects 7/01 .pdf .doc
01060S01 Regulatory Requirements        
01070S01 Identification Systems        
01090S01 References        
01100S01 Special Project Procedures        
01200S01 Project Meetings        
01300S01 Surveys and Civil Engineers        
01300D01 Drawings and Plans Standard Cover Sheet        
01340B01  Submittals - Drawings Product Data etc All Projects 7/01 .pdf .doc
01380S01 Construction Photographs        
01400S01 Quality Control        
01410S01 Testing Laboratory Services        
01420S01 Inspection Services        
01500S01 Trash & Rubbish Removal        
01518S01 Temporary Sanitary Facilities        
01520S01  Temporary Partitions All Projects 7/01 .pdf .doc
01525S01 Contractors' Equipment Sales & Rentals        
01530S01 Crane Rentals        
01535S01 Contractors' Equipment Service & Repair        
01540S01 Security        
01561S01  Mechanical Piping Construction Cleaning All Projects 7/01 .pdf .doc
01570S01 Traffic Regulation        
01580S01 Project Identification and Signs        
01590S01 Field Offices and Sheds        
01600S01 Material and Equipment        
01605S01  Spill Prevention Information All Projects 6/01 .pdf .doc
01650S01 Facility Startup/Commissioning        
01700S01 Contract Closeout        
01710S01 Final Cleaning        
01790S01 Demonstration & Training MedCen/Hosp only 12/10 .pdf .doc

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