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Work Life is the phrase used to describe the competing pressures many employees face when trying to balance their work and personal lives.

President Todd in 2002 accepted a Commission on Women’s recommendation and appointed a Work Life Task Force to research and recommend the most appropriate direction the University of Kentucky should take is addressing this increasing important issue for all employees.

Benefits of a Work Life function are many and varied:

  • Attract and retain talented people.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Enhance commitment.
  • Raise morale.
  • Cut health care costs.
  • To safeguard our future.
  • It's simply the right thing to do.
The Task Force submitted recommendations to President Todd in 2003 and the University is now in the midst of responding. Effective October 1, 2003, enhanced TDL and Funeral Leave policies were adopted as a direct result of the Work Life Task Force recommendations.

A charter has been submitted and accepted which outlines the organizational structure and code of operations for a Work Life Office. Work is now underway to establish the function.

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