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MIC Applications are due by February 1 the semester prior to entering the MIC program. The program is competitive so it is important to keep your GPA up and score in at least the 50th percentile on the quantitative section of the GRE. If you have questions or problems when applying for the MIC program, please contact Dr. Mohr-Schroeder (309 DH or MICmath@coe.uky.edu)

Begin the application process by going to: http://itc.uky.edu/~gmswan3/micapplication

1. Take the General GRE. Register at www.ets.org Have your scores sent to the UK Graduate School and to the School of Education.

2. Complete your application to the UK Graduate School. The code for the MIC program is ESED. Please do not put anything else! If you choose anything other than ESED this will delay your application to the program.

3. Register for an account at the link listed above.  It is strongly suggested you change your password.  Please fill out the applicant profile.  This gives quick reference for your contact information. Be sure the email address is accurate as this will be the main form of communication with you.

4.  Complete the MIC application form.

5.  Complete the character and fitness form.  Print it off and sign it returning it to Betty McCann in 305 Dickey Hall.

6.  Fill in the clinical hours form.  Those of you who have EDC 362 should check the appropriate box. In either case, be sure to indicate where you completed your observation hours.

7.  Complete your major and minor worksheets.  Only the core 11 courses (nothing below Calculus I can be counted) for math should be included in your major form.  The five related studies courses should be included on the related studies worksheet.

8.  3 Letters of Recommendation should be turned into Betty McCann in 305 Dickey Hall.  These should be sealed and signed. Two of these three letters should be from professors and/or your supervising teacher from your observation experiences who can attest to your potential as a secondary mathematics education teacher as well as your mathematics content knowledge.

9.  Make a copy of your GRE scores and all undergraduate (and graduate if applicable) transcripts and give it (or send it) to Betty McCann in 305 Dickey Hall.

10.  Pay your $30 application fee to Betty McCann in 305 Dickey Hall. 

11.  Optional:  Upload a photo.  This will allow members of the faculty to put a face with your application since most of them have not met you.

Things to bring to Ms. Betty McCann in 305 Dickey Hall:

  • Printed off and signed Character and Fitness Form

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation, sealed and signed

  • Copy of your GRE scores and transcripts

  • $30 application fee - Made out to the University of Kentucky

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