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Advanced Standing

Only those students with 60 credit hours and a minimum 2.5 gpa are eligible for Advanced Standing.  If you need to be admitted to Advanced Standing then please use this form.  Then schedule an appointment (see below) with Antoinette Davis (MICmath@coe.uky.edu) and bring your transcript along with an electronic copy of the Advanced Standing form and an electronic copy of your curriculum contract.  You may email your curriculum contract and Advanced Standing form to her prior to your appointment if you wish. Once this is complete then she will advise you for the remainder of your undergraduate studies.

Appointments for Registration

Antoinette will be taking appointments via the web.  You must meet with her in order to get your hold lifted! Click here to find the current schedule of times.  You may need to hit the refresh button on your browser to ensure that you have the most updated schedule. Send her an email stating the time you would like to have for your session.  She will update the schedule as quickly as possible and confirm your time with you.  SHE WILL NOT MAKE APPOINTMENTS THE DAY OF.  IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE AND CONFIRMED YOUR APPOINTMENT BEFORE 10PM THE DAY BEFORE, THEN CONSIDER IT NOT AVAILABLE.  Remember you cannot schedule your courses until your hold is lifted.  When you come to your session you need to bring your latest unofficial transcript and a completed curriculum contract in electronic form (these can be emailed to her if you don't have a flash drive or disk).  Please make sure this contract is up to date and complete for your entire tenure at UK (every class should be accounted for).   This will make your session go much quicker. If you do not have any questions and have met with her previously you may not need to have an advising session face-to-face; although if you feel more comfortable you are welcome to meet with her.  You can find schedule books online from the registrar or by logging on to your myUK account. 

Curriculum Contracts

Follow this link to view the Curriculum Contract for Secondary Mathematics Education. This is the new curriculum contract for secondary mathematics education. You must use this curriculum contract if you are entering the program beginning in the Fall 2007. All those prior to Fall 2007 should already have a curriculum contract on file and do not need to worry about filling out a new one. Just update your old one.

Degree Audit

This link will take you to the registrar’s page so that you can perform your degree audit. However, at this time you must get an official degree audit prior to graduation from the undergraduate advisors in TEB 166.


Dr. Margaret Mohr-Schroeder is in charge of the Secondary Mathematics Education Program. Please feel free to stop by and talk with her or email her. However, if you have questions pertaining to advising, please contact Ms. Antoinette Davis first.

Freshmen/Sophomore Advising

All undergraduates in their first or second year are advised in TEB 166 by Ms. Rita Stevenson (last names A-K, rmstev2@pop.uky.edu) or Ms. Linda Hensley (last names L-Z, cedlh@uky.edu).

Graduation Requirements

To start the graduation process, file a degree application and do a degree audit in TEB 166.  You must complete all degree requirements and must have a 2.50 accumulative GPA and a 2.50 GPA in each major, minor, and support areas. It is very important that you file a degree application. This is separate from applying to walk at graduation! Applying for a degree is your responsibility; not your advisors! Degree applications are typically due within the first month of school starting. Please refer to the University Calendar for specific dates.

Kappa Delta Pi

Follow this link to see how you can join the College of Education's academic honor society.  Membership gives you the opportunity for professional development and scholarships.


Follow this link to find information on the Teacher Scholarship offered by KHEAA.  It is a great source of financial aid for all pre-service teachers. 


To receive emails from the advisor and other faculty members you need to sign up for the pertinent listserv's.  Visit http://www.uky.edu/Education/TEP/coelist.html to sign up for UGMATHEDU, UGEDCSEC, and MATHEDU.  This is a must for anyone in the program or interested in the program.

Program Description

Follow this link to view the Program Description for Secondary Mathematics Education.

Schedule Books

Schedule books will no longer be printed. You can find schedules online through the registrar or by logging onto myUK.


There are several scholarships available to undergraduates through the College of Education.  Use this link to access information regarding your eligibility.

6/6 Program (Graduating Seniors as Part-Time Graduate Students)

If you will have completed your coursework and still have hours available in the spring of your senior year you may enroll in the 6/6 program.  You enroll in six undergraduate hours and six graduate hours.  This allows you to take care of two elective courses for the MIC program.  Completing two elective courses for the MIC program DOES NOT guarantee you admission. You must be accepted to the graduate school (this includes taking the GRE!) and pay graduate tuition for your coursework. You must also submit the "Graduating Seniors as Part-Time Graduate Students" form. This form requires the signature of the DGS of your department. If you are in the Secondary Math Ed program, this is Dr. Mary Shake (305 DH). If you are in mathematics, this is Dr. Serge Ochanine (mathdgs@ms.uky.edu). If you are planning on the 6/6 Program in the spring, the deadline for the graduate school application is Nov. 15; for the Fall it is April 15. 

From the Graduate Student Bulletin:

Seniors  at  the  University  of  Kentucky  lacking  no  more  than  6  credit  hours  for graduation  and  having  an  undergraduate  average  of at  least  2.75  on  all  work attempted  may  register  in  the  Graduate  School  in  conditional  status  with  the consent  of  the  undergraduate  college  dean,  the  appropriate  Director  of  Graduate Studies,  and  the  Dean  of  the  Graduate  School.  The  total  load  of  such  students  may  not  exceed  12  credit  hours.  Graduate  credit  will  be  allowed  for  each  credit hour  of  graduate  work  beyond  the  six  or  fewer  credit  hours  needed  to  complete undergraduate  requirements.  Requirements  for  the  undergraduate  degree  must  be completed  during  the  semester  in  which  the  student  is  allowed  to  register  of  part time  graduate  work.  Students  applying  for  admission  to  the  Graduate  School  under these  conditions  must  fill  out  a  petition  form  listing  the  course or  courses  to  be taken  to  complete  the  undergraduate  requirements.  Petition  forms  are  available  at http://www.gradschool.uky.edu/gsforms.html   under  "Admission  to  Special  Programs".   

For more information visit the graduate school webpage.

UK-Noyce Loan/Scholarship

A Program of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation and the Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER). Supported by the National Science Foundation. 

The Noyce Loan/Scholarship Program can provide up to two (2) years of academic loan/scholarship support for seniors and fifth-year STEM students (MIC Students) who are preparing to teach science and/or mathematics. Successful applicants will receive a loan  for academic work leading toward science and mathematics teacher preparation and certification. After a period of teaching service in an approved high-need school (2 years to each year the scholarship is received), the loan (principal and interest) is converted to a scholarship. Log on to http://www.uky.edu/Education/EDC/Math/NOYCE to find out more about the Noyce Loan/Scholarship Program.


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