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Academic Organization and Structure

2011-2012 Roster

Current Items for Review

Past Items for Review

Charter - Senate Rules

The Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC) is charged to:

  1. review and recommend to the University Senate priorities on all proposals for new educational units (colleges, schools, departments, graduate centers, multidisciplinary research centers and institutes; interdisciplinary instructional programs)

  2. review all proposals for abolishment or merger of existing educational units;

  3. review all proposals for major changes in organization and structure of educational units;

  4. make appropriate recommendations to the University Senate (and through the Senate to the President and/or Provost) regarding creation, abolition or alterations in organization or structure, or reporting relationships, of educational units throughout the University;

  5. Study and report to the Senate on matters pertaining to faculty size and strength, and student enrollment. [US: 3/12/84]