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Senate's Academic Facilities Committee

Criteria of Merit in Capital Planning Projects (PDF)

2015-2016 Roster

Current Items for Review

  1. Space Utilization in Proposed New Research Building
    • The SC asks SAFC to review: how and to whom space is allocated; how non-medical researchers will be identified and included; and if the Senate has a role in identifying and/or constituting the research teams that will live in the new building.
  2. Placement of New STEAM Academy
    • The SC asks SAFC to review the proposed new STEAM Academy building and location, specifically to determine: how and to whom space will be allocated; if faculty are involved in space allocation; and if the STEAM Academy curriculum will involve educational programming at UK such as dual credit courses for STEAM students.

Charter - Senate Rules

The Senate's Academic Facilities Committee (SAFC) is charged with the responsibility of providing information and recommendations to the Senate about the alteration, construction, and allocation of all property and physical facilities that may affect the educational objectives of the University. In this regard, it shall be concerned about such matters as classrooms, buildings and grounds, shops and other such real property, audio-visual and television equipment, computers, duplication and printing facilities, vehicle pools, and scientific and musical instruments. The SAFC shall act in these ways:

  1. Serve the administration as a source of faculty information and opinion about the need, design, and priority and construction or renovation projects.

  2. Inform the Senate at least annually about problems relating to the alteration, construction, or allocation of academic facilities and about future plans and priorities for them. Whenever necessary, the SAFC may initiate action by preparing a recommendation to the administration, which should be routed through the Senate Council for Senate approval.

  3. Maintain communication with the appropriate administrators about the current status and utilization of academic facilities. [US: 10/12/81]

  4. Study the use, renovation, and need for space (including classrooms) and equipment relevant to academic programs and functions. [US: 3/12/84]