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Senate's Rules and Elections Committee

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Charter - Senate Rules

The Senate's Rules and Elections Committee (SREC) is charged with codifying, making editorial changes in, and interpreting, the Rules of the Senate, at the direction or with the approval of either the Senate Council or the Senate. It shall be responsible for initiating any changes in the Rules concerning the organization of the Senate (SR 1). It shall also evaluate and revise any section of the Rules where necessary to eliminate inconsistencies, clarify confusing statements, and note omissions, and may initiate and suggest to the Senate Council any necessary modification in the Rules.

The SREC shall certify faculty member eligibility in elections of Faculty Trustees, and in elections of University Faculty representatives to the Senate, to the Senate Council, and to a Presidential Search Committee. In addition, the SREC shall recommend to the University Senate election policies and procedures.

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Final Report, 2002 (PDF)