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Impact of Recent and Anticipated Budget Cuts on Academic Mission

Request for Input from Faculty

The Senate Council encourages faculty to share their views on the current and anticipated impact of the budget cuts on the UK Core, undergraduate and graduate education, and the ability of faculty to fulfill research, teaching, clinical and/or service missions.

The Senate Council is hosting two forums for faculty to share their thoughts:

If you cannot attend one of the forums, or if you can, but also want to leave a comment, use the link below.

In making your comments, please consider the positive and negative impact of budgetary decisions in light of the issues we face as a University, such as facilities in need of renovation or replacement, lagging or absent raises, reduction in state and federal revenue streams. The intent is to create an opportunity to freely express and exchange views.

Comments are anonymous, but faculty will need to enter a pseudonym (or real name) to satisfy the requirement for a name; logging in is not necessary. This is an open, public forum - information is not confidential!

CLICK HERE to visit the comments page. As more and more comments are made, the comment box is pushed further down the page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the comment box.