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Minor Course Changes

The University Senate Rules (3.3.0.G) allow for an expedited review of a change to a course when the proposed change meets certain criteria, listed below.

G. Exception for Minor Changes [US: 10/11/99]

1. Procedure. If a course change is determined to be a minor change, the form shall be forwarded directly from the Dean of the College to the Chair of the Senate Council for approval. If the Chair of the Senate Council approves, he or she will notify the Registrar's office and the Dean of the College originating the request. If the Chair believes the change is not minor, the request shall be returned to the Dean of the College originating the request for processing through the appropriate Councils.

2. Definition. A request may be considered a minor change if it meets one of the following criteria:

  1. change in number within the same hundred series

  2. * Based in part on that Senate Rule 3.1.0 does not break its series definition into "600 series" and "700 series" (as the Rule does for the lower course levels) the SREC interprets that for the specific purposes of the minor exception rule, the 600-799 courses are the same "hundred series," as long as the other minor change requirements are complied with. [RC 1/15/09]

  3. an editorial change in the course title or description which does not imply change in content or emphasis

  4. a change in prerequisite(s) which does not imply a change in course content or emphasis, or which is made necessary by the elimination or significant alteration of the prerequisite(s)

  5. a cross listing of a course as described above

  6. * The SREC interpreted that to "uncross-list" two courses is a minor change that is under the final decision authority of the Senate Council Chair. [SREC: 2/24/06]

  7. correction of typographical errors.