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Senate Council Charter

1.3.1   UNIVERSITY SENATE COUNCIL             Purposes and Functions of the Senate Council

The University Senate Council is charged with providing leadership to enable the Senate to perform effectively its primary role of formulating and implementing educational policies of the University as described in the Governing Regulations. The Board of Trustees in its Governing Regulations has also delegated responsibility to the Senate Council to act on behalf of the University Senate in particular advisory roles (GR II.B.5.a; GR VIII.B; GR X.B,C).

The Senate Council is specifically charged with continuously reviewing the University's academic policies and may call to the attention of the appropriate administrative officer any need for compliance with the University Senate Rules, Governing Regulations, or Administrative Regulations that relate to University Senate function.

In accordance herewith, the Senate Council shall serve as the executive committee for the University Senate in fulfilling the following functions: (See Section 1.2.1)

  1. Study and report or recommend to the Senate on any matter of concern to the Senate.

  2. Receive, consider and recommend action on Senate Committee reports and on reports and recommendations from educational units. The Senate Council may recommend approval or disapproval, or may present the matter to the Senate without recommendation.

  3. Appoint the Standing Committees of the Senate, Special Committees that it finds to be essential for the performance of Senate or Senate Council functions, and other committees as designated by the Senate.

  4. Advise the President on the appointment of the Senate Advisory Committees and other on academic committees, that the President may appoint in the capacity as Chair of the Senate.

  5. Advise the Provost on the appointment of search committees for the appointment of deans of colleges, the Graduate School and the Libraries.

  6. Plan the agenda of the Senate. Distribute notices of regular Senate meetings at least six (6) days prior to meetings with agenda and recommendations for Senate action to members of the University Senate and to administrative offices that are concerned with academic affairs, and of special meetings as directed.

  7. Act for the Senate on all matters involving changes to academic programs, degrees, and curricula, subject to the requirements of reporting and the power of the Senate to reverse the Senate Council on these matters.

  8. Act on other matters referred to it by the Senate with the responsibility and authority delegated to it by the Senate.

  9. Act for the Senate in emergency situations, reporting such actions, with justification, to the Senate at its next regular meeting.

  10. Advise the President on all matters relative to the welfare of the University which the President brings to it or which it proposes for consideration. In addition, the Senate Council shall invite the President annually to inform the Senate concerning general academic policies and budgetary priorities.

  11. The Senate Council shall include solicitation to the elected college faculty councils (GR VII.A.4), or similar elected college faculty bodies, to participate in nominating potential members of Area Committees, and other academic advisory committees, for submission to the President (GR IV.B).

  12. To maintain a record of additions to or modifications of the Rules between periodic revisions and update the web-posted Senate Rules at least annually.