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Senate Council Minutes - May 10, 2004

The Senate Council met on Monday, May 10, 2004 at 3:00 pm in the Gallery of the W.T. Young Library and took the following actions.

Approval of the Minutes from May 3, 2004

Jones noted Chard's name was misspelled in one location. The Chair noted the changes suggested via e-mail that had been incorporated into the minutes as circulated. There being no further comments, the minutes were approved as amended.

Dentistry changes in Promotion Policy and Graduation Policy

The Chair introduced Karen West from the College of Dentistry. The Chair said one of the questions raised at the last Senate Council meeting had to do with the meaning of the word "satisfactorily" in the proposal. West replied that it referred to passing the course with a C or a P, in the case of pass/fail courses. She noted that students have to maintain a 2.75 GPA or be placed on probation, and added that students who are on probation can still be promoted. The Chair asked if it would be more clear to students if the definition of "satisfactorily" was made explicit in the policy. West agreed. The Chair also noted the policy might be clarified by inserting the word "a lack of" in reference to University resources and facilities. West agreed.

Cibull made a motion to approve the proposal as amended. Saunier seconded the motion. The motion passed without dissent.

Reorganization of the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Reorganization Proposal (PDF)

The Chair noted the proposal had been approved by the Medical Center faculty council and the Academic Organization and Structure committee of the Senate. Cibull suggested the reorganization of the Center would help attract and retain world-class surgeons in the field.

Kennedy made a motion to approve the proposal. Bailey seconded the motion. The motion passed without dissent.

Retreat planning

Ms. Scott circulated a June calendar and asked the Council members to indicate when they will be unavailable. Yanarella suggested four items of discussion for the retreat. They include enrollment management, faculty salaries, Senate Council meeting decorum and the way in which Senate Council items are processed.

Jones suggested discussing what responsibilities are delegated to the college faculty versus those which are retained by the Senate Council.

Saunier requested that the issue of what constitutes an appropriate undergraduate education be discussed at the retreat.

Jones asked Saunier who was overseeing LCC's academic interests on the transition team. Saunier replied that she was unaware of who was on the transition team. Cibull suggested appointing an LCC liaison to the Senate Council to facilitate further cooperation between the two institutions. Saunier suggested that LCC's elected faculty representative to the KCTCS senate, Joanne Olson-Biglieri, should serve as the liaison to the Senate Council.

Cibull supported Saunier's request to discuss the quality of undergraduate education. Grabau noted that the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education has appointed a committee to conduct a self-study of the University Studies Program. He said the committee is composed of Lori Gonzalez, Jonathan Golding, Janet Eldred and himself and is charged with compiling a report on the University Studies Program for either a part or all of that committee to examine in the fall.

Regarding the enrollment management issue, Bailey expressed concern that accepting fewer students might lead to the laying-off of faculty. Grabau said he'd like to get more information as to how student enrollment relates to the overall budget.

Cibull postulated that if every class is run at maximum enrollment then every student costs less to educate. He suggested one of the underlying questions is whether the University sees students as fuel or products. He added that another central question is whether it is better to provide a lesser education to a greater number of Kentuckians or better to offer a superior education to fewer.

Kennedy suggested inviting Steve Reed to the retreat, if faculty salaries were to be discussed. Kennedy noted that the entire discussion about faculty salaries was initiated by Reed and that it would therefore be appropriate to invite him.

Other Business

The Chair asked the Council's guidance on a request he received form the Provost's Office to submit names for the new Vice President for University Initiatives/Associate Provost for Multicultural Affairs' search committee. The Chair expressed concern that perhaps a candidate had already been selected and asked if the Senate Council should still participate in the committee formation process. Cibull suggested the Senate Council had a responsibility to participate and should do so. The Chair will solicit the Senate Council for nominees via e-mail. Cibull asked the Chair if he would be interested in serving on the search committee. The Chair declined.

The Chair noted it was time for the President's annual evaluation, but noted the Senate Council has not yet been solicited for input. He asked the Council members if he should take the initiative or wait for Steve Reed to approach him. Jones noted the Board was bound by the GR's to obtain input into the President's evaluation from the three councils of the three senates. Yanarella suggested using the University's strategic goals in the evaluation of the President. Cibull suggested using the same questionnaire used during last year's evaluation process. He also suggested sending a letter to Steve Reed noting that the regulations require the Senate Council to provide input and that the Senate Council would like to obtain input from the faculty by using last year's questionnaire. Jones suggested including a statement that the Senate Council would be glad to use a different questionnaire if one were available. Cibull added that the letter should explain the need to complete the process quickly. The Chair will send the letter to Steve Reed within the next few days.

Cibull suggested adding Ms. Scott to the Senate Council listserv. He noted the issue had been voted down in the past and suggested revisiting it in the future.

After further discussion about enrollment management, faculty salaries and the various other topics proposed for discussion at the retreat, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Jeff Dembo, Chair

Members present: Bailey, Cibull, Dembo, Grabau, Jones, Kennedy, Saunier, Yanarella.

Guests present: West

Prepared by Rebecca Scott on May 11, 2004.