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Senate Council Minutes - May 3, 2004

The Senate Council met on Monday, May 3, 2004 at 3:00 pm in the Gallery of the Young Library and took the following actions.

Approval of the Minutes from April 26, 2004

The Chair asked if there were any corrections to the minutes. There being none, the minutes were approved as written.

Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Sciences

Graduate Certificate Proposal (PDF)

The Chair introduced Sandy Goldberg, who wrote the proposal. Goldberg provided a brief description and history of the various levels of approval the Certificate had undergone. Jones suggested Goldberg contact speech therapy faculty to determine their willingness to participate as well. Goldberg accepted the suggestion.

Debski expressed concern that Appendix A (PDF) was missing from the materials provided for review. Ms. Scott will contact the Graduate School to determine the location of the missing appendix. Debski said that some of the courses she teaches were listed as being no longer taught in the materials she had been provided. Goldberg apologized for any errors and expressed willingness to correct them. He also noted the information relating to courses that were no longer taught was actually an e-mail from his colleague, not information contained in Appendix A. Debski asked if, in addition to the participants, there were letters of support from the department Chairs. Goldberg noted that the proposal did contain letters of support from the Chairs. Debski said she would have liked to see a letter from the Chair of Biology. Goldberg replied he had contacted his colleagues in Biology both for a letter from the Chair and to inquire as to which courses they taught, but had not received a response.

Tagavi asked which part of the proposal discussed how many courses are required. Goldberg said that type of information was included in Appendix A. The Chair asked Goldberg if somebody in his office could e-mail Appendix A to him while he was at the meeting so the Council could review it. Goldberg agreed.

After a few moments, Goldberg provided Appendix A for review, explaining that the person in his office had forwarded a somewhat outdated version. Jones asked in which college the proposed CGS course would reside. The Chair noted some other institution-wide prefixes that are not necessarily associated with a particular program, like UK 101 or A-S courses.

Debski noted that some of the courses on Goldberg's list were still being taught and said it would be incorrect to say they were not. Goldberg thanked Debski for catching the error and promised to correct it. Grabau expressed concern that students could over-specialize in a particular area. Goldberg noted that a student had to take at least 6 hours from outside his or her academic area.

Debski suggested Goldberg simplify the list of courses by noting which were cross-listed with eachother. Goldberg agreed. Jones expressed concern that some of the courses offered were on the periphery of cognitive science but did not centrally address the subject in the course offerings. Goldberg noted that contemporary cognitive science embraced a wider array of disciplines and methods of though than the traditional study of the field.

Bailey asked if students would be required to submit a final project or paper to complete the certificate requirements. Goldberg said a capstone project or paper was not currently one of the requirements.

Debski expressed concern that the proposal seemed piecemeal and was worried that some courses or faculty might be left out. Goldberg said his intention was to make the certificate program as comprehensive and inclusive as possible and welcomed the chance to include as many courses and faculty from as many departments as possible.

Chare made a motion to approve the proposal with the stipulation that within the next week the professors who teach the courses listed will be contacted via e-mail to ask them for input on other courses that may be taught, and that the course list be updated to reflect cross-listings. Tagavi seconded the motion.

Debski said there might be programs and faculty who were unaware of plans to offer the certificate and asked what assurances there were that the program would be open to others who might be interested in participating. Goldberg replied the way in which the program would thrive was by including as many faculty and courses from as many disciplines as possible. Debski asked the nature of the relationship between the certificate program and the medical school. Goldberg said he would be enthusiastic about including courses from the medical school, if the medical school faculty would be amenable to opening their courses to other students.

Debski suggested the friendly amendment of including in the motion the need for information on how often the courses in Appendix A are offered. Chard accepted the friendly amendment and Tagavi's second stood. The motion passed without dissent.

Addition of Public Policy track to MPA Program

Public Policy track proposal (PDF)

Tagavi suggested that the MPP may be a new program rather than a new track in the MPA program. He noted that the department included information that it was only a new track in that 50 percent of the curriculum was the same, but he worried that some other component of the MPP could be changed in the future without having to go through the new program approval process. Tagavi also said the termination criteria was illogical in that it seems that a student with 7 hrs of C and 2 hrs of E is not terminated white a student with 9 hrs of C is. Tagavi suggested it be revised before being approved. Chard recommended contacting the program to see if they would change the language to "C or lower". The Chair said he will discuss the matter with the program director before making the changes. Tagavi made a motion to approve the proposal, conditional upon the program's acceptance of the change "C or lower". Kaalund seconded the motion. The motion passed without dissent.

Time limit to degree for Masters students

Time limit proposal (PDF)

Tagavi noted that an e-mail received by SC members from a concerned faculty member had been circulated regarding a potential breach in the Rules of the Graduate Faculty. Several Council members reported receiving notification from the Dean of the Graduate School in which the proposal was withdrawn. As a result, the proposal was tabled indefinitely by the Council.

Other items from the Senate Council Transmittal

The following curricular items were approved by consent and will be included on the next University Senate Transmittal:

Business and Economics / Business Administration / Change in MBA (PDF)

Graduate School / Public Administration / Change in MPA (PDF)

Items from the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee

College of Communications Changes in Admission Deadlines (PDF)

Tagavi suggested changing the language relating to when students who were enrolled in other UK colleges could apply for admission. Chard suggested including "or prior" instead of "and prior". Tagavi agreed.

The Chair noted these items would not be included in the 10-day circular and informed the Council members they were acting on these items on behalf of the Senate. He noted Chair-Elect Yanarella should report these actions to the Senate during the first meeting of the fall semester.

Chard made a motion to approve the proposal with the editorial change. Bailey seconded the motion. The motion passed without dissent.

LCC Nursing Readmission (PDF)

Saunier described the proposal and how it would change the readmission criteria. Tagavi made a motion to approve the proposal. Chard seconded the motion. The motion passed without dissent.

College of Dentistry Promotion Policy and Graduation Policy (DOC)

Tagavi pointed out some ways in which the proposed policy was vague regarding "C" grades and suggested clarifying the policy before approval. Chard recommended contacting Dentistry for clarification. Tagavi asked if students who received all C's could be promoted to the next year of study. Chard made a motion to table the proposal until Dentistry could provide clarification. Debski seconded the motion. The Chair will contact Dentistry and will try to obtain information about the following issues:

The item will be tabled until the next meeting. The motion passed without dissent.

School of Public Health GRE Policy proposal (PDF)

Chard made a motion to approval the proposal. Bailey seconded the motion. Tagavi suggested the reasoning behind the proposal was poor because the data consisted of those students who had been admitted with a GRE score to begin with. Bailey disagreed, suggesting the students who already held higher degrees were academically superior students. The motion passed without dissent.

Other Business

The Chair noted the receipt of an addendum to the Board and Senate degree candidate list. He informed the Council members that some of the new names were those of students who qualify for graduation in the new WKU/UK joint engineering program. The Chair noted the approval of the three students who had asterisks by their names was conditional upon the receipt of additional academic information from WKU. Chard made a motion to approve the addendum, conditional upon the receipt of the additional information from WKU. Tagavi seconded the motion. Jones noted the approval of the Board of Trustees will also be contingent upon the receipt of the additional information. The Chair asked who will be responsible for ensuring the conditions are met. Jones replied the deans of the two Engineering colleges will work together to ensure the degree requirements are satisfied. The motion passed without dissent.

The Chair announced he was almost finished compiling responses to his request to faculty to share their concerns about the budget. He said he will share it with the Board members at the Academic Affairs Committee meeting on May 5 before disbursing the compilation to the rest of the faculty.

The Chair announced that PR5 at the upcoming Board meeting will collapse three administrative positions into one by combining the Vice President for Academic Outreach, the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and the Associate Provost for Minority Affairs. The Chair said the fiscal and personnel implications of PR5 were unclear.

Jones asked the Chair for an updated on the recent admissions subcommittee meeting. The Chair reported the meeting was productive and helpful and that the recommendation the Admissions Advisory Committee will make is to raise admissions standards just enough to cap enrollment at 4,000 incoming students for the Fall 2006 academic year. Yanarella said Connie Ray informed the group of a model that exists to analyze the trade-offs between enrollment numbers and tuition revenue. The Chair said he will contact Angie Martin and take a look at the model. The Chair noted that Baxter has done a good job as Chair of that committee and asked Yanarella as Chair-elect to make the assignment of Chair for the Admissions Advisory Committee one of his first orders of business.

Next Meeting

The next Senate Council meeting will be Monday, May 10 at 3:00. A room number will be announced, since the Gallery is unavailable. The two items on the agenda so far will be the Dentistry issue discussed earlier and the proposal to reorganize the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center.

Chard announced her resignation from the Senate Council in order to accept a more attractive position in Cincinnati. She presented the Chair with a gift certificate and thanked him for his leadership, since she will not be in attendance during his last meeting. Tagavi thanked the Chair for his "nerves of steel" and Jones expressed his gratitude for the Chair's long term impact on faculty governance by his effective facilitation of activities in which Jones had been engaged as Faculty Trustee.

Yanarella read a proclamation in honor of the Chair, a copy of which will be linked here. Yanarella also thanked and acknowledged Edgerton for his time as Vice-Chair.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:10.

Respectfully submitted by
Jeff Dembo, Chair

Members present: Bailey, Chard, Cibull, Debski, Dembo, Edgerton, Grabau, Jones, Kaalund, Saunier, Tagavi, Yanarella.

Guest present: Goldberg

Prepared by Rebecca Scott on May 6, 2004.