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Senate Council Minutes - August 25, 2003

The Senate Council met on August 25, 2003 at 3:00 pm in room 1-77 of the W.T. Young Library and took the following actions:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 3:09 pm.

Approval of the Minutes from August 11, 2003

The Chair asked for comments about the minutes. Jones suggested some formatting changes for future minutes. Cibull moved to approve the minutes as written. Yanarella seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approval of the old Minutes

Tagavi noted that the April 1, 2003 minutes were in need of serious revision. The Chair asked if the other minutes could be approved. Tagavi indicated that he had given some changes to Ms. Scott. The Senate Council approved the minutes from December 19, 2002, January 22, 2003, January 27, 2003, and January 29, 2003 without dissent.

Processing of Academic Proposals (Web vs. meeting)

The Senate Council reviewed the various types of proposals that are routinely processed by the Senate Council Office. After discussion regarding which proposals should be heard during the Senate Council meetings and which can be approved during a ten-day web circulation process, the Senate Council members agreed to the following arrangement:

Proposals that may be circulated on the web: new courses, courses changes, calendar changes, removal of untaught courses, and reinstatement of courses.

Proposals that must be heard during meetings: new or changed Distance Learning courses, new programs, new certificates, program changes (including credits needed for degrees, change in required courses or languages, name changes and program location), and changes to a college (including name change and changes in program offerings).

Tagavi moved to approve the above-listed categorizations as internal operating procedures. Kaalund seconded the motion. The motion passed without dissent.

Faculty Salary Issue

The Chair noted that a presentation was made at the last Board of Trustees meeting which outlined the woeful state of faculty salaries at the University of Kentucky. Chairman Reed contacted the Faculty Trustees after the meeting to seek suggestions on how to improve faculty salaries.

Jones said Reed wanted to get a tangible plan in place which would increase faculty salaries to 90 percent of the mean. Reed contacted the Faculty Trustees to seek faculty input and suggested meeting with the Senate Council. The Senate Council members agreed to meet with Reed but suggested that a plan should first be formulated and enacted.

The Chair asked if the matter should be sent to the Institutional Finance and Resource Allocation Committee or if a special committee should be appointed. Yanarella indicated his preference for a special committee in terms of the symbolic importance such a move would convey. Cibull suggested the committee's charge to be 1.) suggestions for internal funding and redistribution of internal funding and 2.) suggestions for external funding. Furthermore, the committee should examine undergraduate education primarily since faculty salary issues are substantially different in the professional schools.

Jones suggested Yanarella as the Chair of the committee. Yanarella agreed to serve in this capacity. Committee membership suggestions were solicited from the Senate Council. The following names were put forth:


The Senate Council members established a time frame for the committee to conclude its work by October 31, 2003.

Jones moved to appoint an ad hoc committee on improving faculty salaries with its two-pronged mission of making suggestions for internal funding and redistribution of internal funding and making suggestions for external funding. The committee should submit its report to the Senate Council by October 31, 2003. The motion was seconded by Cibull and passed without dissent.

Tagavi moved to appoint Yanarella as the Chair and the people listed above as potential committee members. The motion was seconded by Kaalund and passed without dissent.

Degree Candidate list

The Chair gave a brief history of this item and asked Jones to outline his concern. Jones addressed the negation of the Senate's statutory authority since the Senate has been informed of the potential graduates rather than being asked to approve the list. Cibull suggested reminding the Registrar and the President of the Senate's right to approval. Debski, though in agreement with Jones' point about statutory authority, wondered if this had become an administrative issue since the likelihood of finding a problem with a degree candidate was small.

Tagavi suggested the Chair write to the President and the Registrar to remind them of the Senate's responsibility in this process. Saunier asked that the list be sent to the Senate Council, which will in turn circulate it to the full Senate. Tagavi requested additional wording to clearly state that the Senate Council will review the list for the Summer semester graduates since the full Senate does not meet during those months. The Senate Council was in agreement and directed the Chair to send the letter.

September 8, 2003 Senate Agenda

The Chair asked the Senate Council whether the Faculty Representation on Search Committees issue was supposed to be sent to the Senate as a discussion item or an action item. Tagavi recalled that it was not specified either way. After limited discussion the Senate Council recommended it be heard first as a discussion item and then appear as an action item on the subsequent Senate agenda.

The Chair reviewed the remaining items on the agenda. Debski expressed concern regarding the shortness of time these items might take and wondered what other materials could be prepared to fill the remainder of the hour until President Todd began his address at 4pm. The Chair suggested the Ombud reports be presented. The Senate Council expressed interest in pursuing this option. The Senate Council also discussed the possibility of asking the President if he would participate in a question and answer session after his address. The Chair will make the appropriate inquiry.

The Chair asked when the Senate would like to hear an address from the Provost. Debski suggested last year's time slot of December. The Chair asked the Senate Council if they thought it appropriate to project a picture of the professors for whom memorial resolutions were presented during the presentations. The Senate Council had no objection.

Committee Chair Assignments 2003-2004

The Chair asked the Senate for suggestions to fill the vacant committee Chairs.

The Senate Council recommended Kate Black for the Library Committee. The Chair will ask Chuck Staben to continue on as the Chair of Institutional Finance and Resource Allocation. Tagavi will serve as the Chair of the Rules and Elections Committee. Robert Grossman was recommended as Chair of the Academic Programs Committee, with Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby as a possible alternate. Joan Mazur was recommended as the Academic Facilities Chair. Shirley Whitescarver was recommended as Chair of the Academic Advising Committee. Discussion followed this recommendation regarding LCC's autonomy issues, since Whitescarver is a member of LCC's faculty. Tony Baxter was recommended as Chair of the Admissions Advisory Committee. Kathy McCormick was recommended as Retroactive Withdrawal Committee Chair.

The Chair will contact these Senators and determine their willingness to serve in this capacity.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:38 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jeffrey Dembo
Chair, Senate Council

Members present: Mike Cibull, Liz Debski, Jeff Dembo, Lee Edgerton, Davy Jones, Brafus Kaalund, Michael Kennedy, Peggy Saunier, Kaveh Tagavi, and Ernie Yanarella.

Prepared by Rebecca Scott on Tuesday, August 26, 2003.