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Senate Council Minutes - September 22, 2003

The Senate Council met on September 22, 2003 at 3:00 pm in The Gallery of the W.T. Young Library and took the following actions:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

Approval of the Minutes from August 25, 2003

The Chair asked for comments about the minutes. Cibull moved to approve the minutes as written. Tagavi seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Nominees for NCAA Re-certification Committee

NCAA Re-certification Committee Nominees (PDF)

The Chair recommended sending the entire list of nominees to Vice President Ray's office. When asked how many names would be selected from the list, the Chair said Ray hoped to place at least three faculty members on each of the four sub-committees and added that Ray had also solicited names from the Provost and the President's Commission on Diversity and the President's Commission on Women. After brief discussion the Senate Council approved the Chair's suggestion to forward all the names on the list.

Program Termination Guidelines

The Chair provided background for this item and added the guidelines would become part of Senate procedure if approved. Tagavi asked if the guidelines would be codified in the Senate Rules if approved. Bailey added his concern regarding the guidelines' enforceability if they are not codified. Tagavi asked if the guidelines would become part of the Senate Rules or if the Senate would recommend them to the Administration for inclusion in the Administrative Regulations. Cibull suggested the Senate Council decide which would be best before sending it to the Senate. Cibull noted some phraseology in the guidelines he felt was related to administrative procedure and thought the guidelines would be followed more consistently if they were incorporated into the Administrative Regulations. Tagavi suggested rewording the document so it would no longer read like Administrative Regulations so that it could be more readily incorporated into the Senate Rules. The Chair noted the importance of this item in the spirit of shared governance. Saunier suggested inviting Kate Chard, Chair of the Academic Organization and Structure Committee, to the next Senate Council meeting so that she could address some of these questions. The Senate Council members agreed to postpone further discussion until Chard could attend.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Cibull informed the Council members of a colleague's concern over wording in the Code pertaining to confidentiality of information and how that wording might conflict with this individual's freedom of speech. Kennedy and Debski indicated their appreciation for such language pertaining to institutional information since there were instances in the past of information being given to the press before the relevant members of the University community were informed. Cibull recommended a change in the wording of the Code to indicate confidential information would be kept confidential only if it was expressly designated as being confidential. Bailey offered the wording "personal and confidential information by and about faculty and students, and identified as being confidential" to help clarify the meaning of the sentence in question. Cibull agreed the additional wording would help clarify the intent of the sentence.

Tagavi asked if information was only confidential if it was obtained while on official duty. For instance, he wondered if information overheard in a public place would be considered confidential. Cibull felt that information overheard in public place was no longer confidential. Bailey agreed.

The Chair expressed Jones' wish for a stronger preamble with more direct statements about ethical principles. Jones hoped a more developed preamble would make the Code more cohesive. Yanarella felt the preamble could use a better sense of context and added his concerns regarding the personification of an institution and how the Code should be extended to include not just personal behavior but institutional behavior as well to keep all member of the University community responsible for upholding the same ethical principles.

Tagavi noted evaluation should be added to the section of the Code pertaining to Nondiscrimination Policy. Cibull expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of explicitly stated ramifications in the Code in the event that the Code was broken. Kennedy pointed out that this Code will include Trustees, who are not usually covered by other University policies. Debski objected to the numbering of the goals that every University member must endeavor to accomplish, according to the Code, and pointed out how some of them could be mutually exclusive behaviors. Kennedy agreed with Debski's point.

Cibull suggested the various concerns be compiled by Ms. Scott and presented to the Senate Council for review before being sent to the Administration.

Committee Assignments

Committee Assignments (PDF)

Cibull moved to approve the committee assignments. The motion was seconded by Kennedy. After brief discussion the motion passed without dissent.

College Review Committees

The Chair expressed concern regarding a lack of volunteerism for the upcoming college review processes for which committee nominations had been solicited. The Chair asked how else committee nominations might be gleaned. Bailey suggested contacting the faculty councils of the affected colleges. The Chair will contact the appropriate faculty councils.

Nominees to serve on the Advisory Board of the Teaching and Academic Support Center

The Chair asked the Senate Council members for nominees to serve on this committee. Tagavi suggested Linda Worley from German. Cibull recommended Darrell Jennings from Medicine. Cibull also recommended contacting the various chairs of the colleges' curricular committees. Debski expressed her concern regarding the exclusion of research support if only curricular committee nominees were considered. Cibull asked the Chair to send an e-mail to the Senate Council members to solicit nominations, specifying that a deadline should be included in the request.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:03.

Respectfully submitted by Jeffrey Dembo
Chair, Senate Council

Members present: Ernie Bailey, Lindsay Block (for Rachel Watts), Mike Cibull, Liz Debski, Jeff Dembo, Lee Edgerton, Michael Kennedy, Peggy Saunier, Kaveh Tagavi, and Ernie Yanarella.

Prepared by Rebecca Scott on Thursday, September 25, 2003.