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Senate Council Minutes - September 19, 2005

The Senate Council met on Monday, September 19, 2005 at 3:00 in room 103 Main Building and took the following actions.

1. Approval of the minutes from August 29, 2005

The Chair asked if there were any changes to the minutes aside from those noted prior to the meeting. There being none, the minutes were approved.

2. Announcement

The Chair introduced Kristine Hinson, Senate Council staff assistant, and asked the Senate Council members to make her welcome.

3. Committee on Committees

The Chair introduced the item and reminded the Senate Council members that the idea for such a committee originated during the Senate Council retreat.

Tagavi requested that at some point his suggestion to have a nominating committee be taken into consideration. He added that it would be helpful to have such a committee to vet names for various committee appointments.

Lesnaw spoke in favor of first addressing the issue of creating a committee restructuring committee before discussing a possible nominating committee.

Jones suggested that perhaps the nominating committee could also be responsible for nominating Senators to various Senate committees.

Grabau thought that perhaps once the committee on committees finished its work one of its recommendations might be the formation of a nominating committee. Cibull agreed, noting that if a committee on committees existed, that committee would likely be the expert on such things and in the best position to recommend on the formation of a nominating committee.

Grossman suggested that if a nominating committee were formed it should make nominations for administrative and academic committees, not necessarily Senate committees. Tagavi agreed that his original thought had not been to use a nominating committee to appoint Senators to Senate committees, and spoke against the use of a Senate committee to nominate Senators to Senate committees. Tagavi noted that the formation of Senate committees is currently the prerogative of the Senate Council and should remain so.

The Chair suggested that perhaps parallel proposals could be considered, such that if a committee on committees was formed one of its considerations could be whether or not a nominating committee should be recommended. He added that perhaps a Senate Council ad hoc committee could be formed during the current academic year and that the committee on committees could recommend on whether or not the nominating committee should become a standing committee of the Senate at the end of the current academic year.

Grossman made a motion to approve a Senate Council ad hoc committee on committees, that an ad hoc nominating committee be discussed at the following meeting, and that after the current academic year the committee on committees should revisit the issue of the nominating committee becoming a standing committee of the Senate or Senate Council. Tagavi seconded the motion.

Lesnaw spoke in favor of keeping the two issues separate and suggested addressing only the agenda item at hand.

Jones suggested that the committee on committees could also consider if it should have the functions of the nominating committee.

Cibull suggested that the motion be split into two parts; one vote would determine the formation of the committee on committees while the other would consider the issue of the nominating committee. Grossman accepted the suggestion as a friendly amendment.

Tagavi suggested changing the committee's charge and rationale to make it clear that the charge ended after item b and the rest was rationale. The Chair agreed.

The Chair asked for a vote on the first part of the motion, to create a committee on committees with the given charge. The motion passed without dissent.

Grossman withdrew the second part of his original motion, since a motion to add an item to the agenda is not necessary. The nominating committee will be discussed at the following meeting.

4. Privilege and Tenure issues

The Senate Council discussed whether the issues at hand could be discussed during an open session or if an executive session should be declared. Cibull made a motion to go into executive session, which was seconded by Grabau. Jones noted that the Senate Council would go into executive session pursuant to KRS 61.810 for discussions that could lead to tenure appointment. The motion passed without dissent.

Greissman, Ms. Scott and Ms. Hinson departed with the Press and remained absent until the Senate Council resumed regular session at 4:45pm.

5. Chairpersonship of Rules and Elections Committee

Tagavi made a motion that he be removed as committee chair and Jones appointed in his stead. Thelin seconded the motion. Tagavi added that his duties as Ombud made it difficult to manage the workload of the committee, and that his committee wishes to have Jones as its new chair. The Chair pointed out that the appointment of the committee chairs was the purview of the Senate Council. Grossman asked Jones if he accepted the nomination. Jones agreed. The motion passed without dissent.

6. Make the Difference Suggestion

Make the Difference Suggestion (DOC)

The Chair reviewed the item and recapped the previous discussions that had occurred. Cibull suggested that student input is critical before making a decision. Ms. Scott noted that Becky Ellingsworth has been named SGA president and was aware of the Senate Council meeting schedule, but was not able to attend the current meeting.

Greissman noted that the drop fee proposal suggested by former Provost Nietzel had met with such negative sentiment from the students that it had eventually been withdrawn. He agreed with Cibull that student input was essential.

Lesnaw agreed, adding that most students drop due to issues of performance, not for frivolous reasons. She said that students need a chance to determine if they will be successful in the course or not before making the decision to drop.

Tagavi made a motion that the proposal be forwarded to the appropriate committee of the Senate, and that the committee be charged to seek input from the Student Senate before forming a recommendation. He added that some numerical evidence to support the claims made in the proposal be provided. Cibull seconded the motion. The Chair will choose which committee is the appropriate committee of the Senate. The motion passed without dissent.


The Chair said he would postpone discussion regarding the formation of a joint Provost-Senate Council committee until the following meeting. Tagavi asked if there was a proposal to form a committee or if there was already going to be one. The Chair replied that a committee will be formed upon the call of either the Provost or Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. He added that he would circulate the committee's draft charge to the Senate Council via the listserv for discussion.

Moore asked for an update regarding the status of the ad hoc Calendar Committee. The Chair said the committee was in need for reformation and resuscitation, and that he would be about those tasks soon.

In other business, Greissman noted that he was prepared, had there been time, to discuss both the issue of Honorary Degrees and the CPE waiver application. He added that either he or the Provost would be available for such a discussion at the following meeting.

The hour being late, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Ernie Yanarella, Chair

Members present: Cibull, Dembo, Grabau, Grossman, Jones, Lesnaw, Moore, Tagavi, Thelin, Yanarella.

Guests present: Greissman, Hinson, Kernel reporter.

Prepared by Rebecca Scott on September 19, 2005.