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Senate Council Minutes - August 25, 2008

The Senate Council met in regular session at 3 pm on Monday, August 25, 2008 in 103 Main Building. Below is a record of what transpired. All votes were taken via a show of hands unless indicated otherwise.

Chair David C. Randall called the Senate Council (SC) meeting to order at 3:04 pm.

1. Minutes from August 18 and Announcements

Swanson moved to approve the minutes from August 18. Ford seconded. There being no objections, the motions from August 18 were approved as distributed.

The Chair said that he had a few announcements to report. Regarding absences, he noted that Piascik would likely not be present. The Chair then turned to the issue of TurnItIn plagiarism prevention/detection software. He recalled that while he had approved the use of it for the fall 2008 on behalf of the SC and Senate (per the SC's request), he was concerned that there was not sufficient time to educate faculty on its use, ensure proper documentation in syllabi, etc. He noted that he had already discussed the issue with the Provost, who did not oppose a delay to the implementation of a pilot period. The Chair said he would send a formal notice to the Provost requesting a delay in TurnItIn's use.

Regarding the agenda item for the proposed Kentucky Center for Diabetes and Obesity, the Chair said that the invited guests were unable to attend. He suggested that the proposal be reviewed anyway - if there were no questions, the SC could determine during the meeting that the proposed center was indeed non-academic (administrative). If there were any unanswerable questions, however, additional discussion would have to wait until a future date when the guests could attend.

Finally, the Chair noted that the SC's staff associate, Adrea LaRoche, would be playing at "We Are UK" the following afternoon around 5 pm - he encouraged SC members to attend.

Those present introduced themselves.

2. Gen Ed Reform Update - Susan Carvalho, Gen Ed Steering Committee Convener

The Chair invited the convener of the General Education Reform Steering Committee (Susan Carvalho) to address the SC.

Guest Carvalho and Guest (Dean) Blackwell engaged SC members and Provost's Liaison Greissman in a lengthy discussion of how and when the issue of gen ed reform should be placed on a Senate agenda.

It was ultimately agreed upon by those present to have an informational session regarding gen ed at the September Senate meeting. Additionally, there was agreement that barring any unforeseen circumstances, there would be a first reading on the Learning Outcomes in November, to be followed by a December vote. In the spring a more substantive proposal, perhaps with courses, would be on a Senate agenda for a vote, perhaps March, with a second reading in April.

The Chair made it clear that the SC was not approving any dates, but merely planning a schedule under the assumption that there would be something reasonable from the Gen Ed Reform Steering Committee to review.

Carvalho noted that the overall plan was (assuming appropriate Senate approvals were received) to have a very small pilot run of the "new" gen ed in fall 2009, with implementation in 2010. That would also allow faculty the entire 2009-2010 academic year to create and modify courses.

The Chair thanked Carvalho and Dean Blackwell for attending.

3. Proposed Change to the Calendar - Reading Period

The Chair invited Bob Grossman to explain his proposal to create a "reading period" prior to final exam week. Guest Grossman did so, after which SC members engaged in discussion.

Post-discussion, there was agreement that the proposal had merit and should be reviewed by an appropriate committee. The Chair said that he would think about possible committee members and a chair, and would return to the SC in September with suggestions. He agreed that it would be necessary to include administrative staff (Student Affairs, Registrar, etc.) and students in the committee's composition.

4. Proposed Changes to Health Care Colleges Student Professional Behavior Code

The Chair introduced the agenda item, noting that it was scheduled to go to the Senate in September for a second reading and vote.

Greissman offered an overview of the major changes made to the document over the summer: 1. an increased emphasis on the fact that prohibited behaviors were those behaviors affecting students' professional activities; and clear language noting that issues related to academic offenses would continue to be dealt with by the University Appeals Board.

After a relatively brief discussion, Wood moved to approve the proposed changes to the Health Care Colleges Student Professional Behavior Code and send it to the Senate with a positive recommendation and the earliest possible effective date. Aken seconded. A vote was taken and the motion passed with six in favor and one abstaining.

5. Proposed New Administrative Center - Kentucky Center for Obesity and Diabetes

The Chair explained that the purpose of discussing the proposed new Kentucky Center for Diabetes and Obesity (KCDO) was to confirm that the KCDO was an administrative center and not an academic center. The Chair reminded SC members that if any questions arose, the matter would need to be postponed until attendance of the contact persons.

Wood wondered why the KCDO was described as an administrative center instead of a research center. There being no easy answer to her question, it was determined that the discussion would be postponed until a future date.

6. Tentative Senate Agenda for September 8, 2008

SC members looked over the tentative agenda. Michael asked that he be allowed to give an announcement about the deadline for completing college elections for senators - the Chair agreed.

There were no objections to the proposed agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by David C. Randall,

Senate Council Chair

SC members in attendance: Aken, Anderson, Chappell, Ford, Michael, Randall, Swanson, Tagavi, Wood.

Provost's Liaison present: Greissman.

Invited guests present: Jeannine Blackwell, Susan Carvalho, Bob Grossman and Joe Quinn.

Prepared by Sheila Brothers on Friday, August 29, 2008.