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University Senate Minutes - September 13, 2004

The University Senate met on Monday, September 13, 2004 at 3:00 pm in the Auditorium of the Young Library to consider the following items with Senate Council Chair Ernie Yanarella presiding.

Absent: Anderman, Anderson, Baldwin*, Barker, Berryman*, Bhavsar*, Biagi, Blackwell*, Brown, Butler, Carter, Catavolos*, Caudill, Cibulka, Cohen, Darnall, Deem, DeSimone, Diedrichs*, Duffy*, Durant, Edgerton, Ellis, Filak*, Fink III*, Forgue, Gabel*, Gaetke, Garen, Garkovich, Gassenheimer, Getchell, Grabau*, Hanson, Hoffman, Isaacs, Jefferies*, Jeng, Jennings*, Johnson, K., Kerley, Kraemer, Lester, Martin, McCormick, McKinney, Michael*, Mobley, Mohney, Noonan*, Perman, Portillo, Pulito, Ray*, Roberts, Robinson, Royse, Shaw, Shay, Smith, Sudharshan, Tagavi*, Terrell, Thelin*, Tsang, Turner, W., Vestal, Wade, Walker, Williams, C., Williams, E., Witt.

*Denotes excused absence

The Chair called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm and introduced Parliamentarian Gifford Blyton, Ms. Scott from the Senate Council office, Ms. Hoinke from An/Dor Reporting, Megan Cormney from the Senate Council office and James Sparks from AV Services. The Chair thanked them for their help during this and future Senate meetings.


The Chair announced five actions taken by the Senate Council on behalf of the Senate since the Senate's last meeting. These included a change in the College of Communication's admission deadlines, LCC Nursing readmission policy changes, College of Dentistry Promotion and Graduation policy changes, College of Public Health GRE exemption policy, and the administrative reorganization of the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery. The Chair also announced the formation of three ad hoc committees, including the Enrollment Management committee, the Graduation Writing Requirement Committee and the Academic Offenses Committee. Grabau will chair the Enrollment Management committee and chairs for the other two will soon be named.

The Chair announced the new Senate web site and thanked Ms. Scott for its design. He also thanked Blyton for his 33+ years of service to the Senate and said Blyton will celebrate his 96th birthday on the following Saturday.

1. Minutes

The Chair asked if there were any corrections to the minutes. Albisetti offered an editorial change, which Ms. Scott will correct. Otherwise, the minutes were approved as written.

2. Annual address from President Todd

The Chair introduced President Todd and thanked him for his vision and leadership. The President provided the Senate an update on the status of the University in relationship to the Strategic Plan. A full transcript of the President's remarks will be made available.

The President accepted questions from the Senate at the end of his presentation. Albisetti asked if the 58 million dollars from Bucks for Brains was still waiting for matching funds and if there was an expiration date associated with those funds. The President replied that those funds do not expire and are still waiting to be matched. The President encouraged the Senators to seek matching funds.

Wise questioned the President regarding a quotation in the Kentucky Kernel in which the President was purported to say that he did not want the University to become an elite institution. Wise noted that this statement seemed contrary to the President's message of academic excellence and asked him to clarify. The President said he did not want the University to adopt elite admission standards but that he did believe the University could become great without adopting elitist policies.

The Chair thanked the President and he departed for his next engagement.

3. Proposed Transfer of the Graduate Center for Toxicology

The Chair introduced the item and ask Vore, the Center's director, to provide some background. Vore said the Center has been debating its future for over two years and has elected to move to the College of Medicine. Vore expressed her hope and the hope of her faculty that the effective date of September 1 could be approved, since it would minimize the amount of red tape involved in the transfer. As an example, she noted that many faculty members have NIH grant proposals to submit by October 1 and said they were uncertain as to whether they should submit the proposals through the Graduate School or through the College of Medicine. Vore concluded by saying that the transfer would aid the ability of the Center to grow.

The Chair noted the transfer has been approved by the Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee and has been forwarded from the Senate Council with a positive recommendation and the recommendation of a September 1 effective date. Yates asked why the Center would continue to be a center rather than seeking the status of a department. Vore replied that since the primary focus of the Center was to serve as a graduate training program, the Center would retain its name.

There being no further questions, the Chair called for a vote. The motion to approve the transfer of the Graduate Center for Toxicology from the Graduate School to the College of Medicine with an effective date of September 1 passed without dissent.

4. IRIS Project Update

The Chair introduced Nash, IRIS Project Director, and thanked her for attending. Nash provided an update on the status of the IRIS Project. Nash outlined some upcoming deadlines and indicated her interest in returning to the Senate in early December to provide another update, since much of the blueprinting process will be completed by then.

Grossman asked if the project interface will work with only PCs or if it will also be compatible with Macintosh and Linux. Nash replied that it was Macintosh compatible but that she would check on the Linux issue.

The Chair thanked Nash for the update and she departed.

5. Proposed change in the chairpersonship of the ACMC

The Chair noted that due to organizational changes in the structure of the University, the Senate Rules regarding the Academic Council of the Medical Center (ACMC) required revision. As background, the Chair noted the Senate Council allowed David Watt to Chair the ACMC on an interim basis until such time as it could decide how Senate Rule 1.3.4 should be updated. The Chair said the Senate Council has voted, almost a year later, to rotate the chairpersonship of the ACMC among the Deans of the Colleges in the Medical Center, or their designees, every two years. He said the motion was forwarded from the Senate Council with a positive recommendation.

Rouhier-Willoughby asked if the alphabetical rotation referred to the last name of the Deans or of the name of the Colleges. The Chair replied that it was by College name. Perrier asked which Colleges were intended, since the Medical Center no long technically exists. Dembo asked if there was any merit to including an articulation of which Colleges were intended. Perrier suggested the wording "health science Colleges" should replace "Colleges of the Medical Center". He also suggested that perhaps a faculty member would be a more appropriate Chair. In response to Perrier's suggestion, Jones noted that the idea of rotating the chair among the Deans was an idea born in the Academic Organization and Structure Committee the previous fall semester.

Grossman asked if the Chair of the ACMC would have a vote. Jones noted that the Chair currently has a vote, under the present rule. Debski noted the only part of the rule being changed pertained to the chairing of the council and did not intend to alter any other part of the rule.

The Chair noted that SR is silent on the voting rights of the Chair, but agreed with Jones' suggestion that the voting status was a different issue for discussion at another time.

After a few more brief questions about the language of the proposal, the Chair called for a vote. The motion to rotate the chairpersonship of the ACMC alphabetically among the Deans of the Colleges of the Medical Center, or their designees, on a two year basis passed without dissent.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Ernie Bailey, Secretary of the Senate

Prepared by Rebecca Scott on September 18, 2004.