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University Senate Minutes - December 13, 2004

The University Senate met on Monday, December 13, 2004 from 3:00 to 5:00 in the Auditorium of the Young Library and took the following actions.

Absences: Alexander, Anderman, Baldwin, Barker, Berryman*, Black*, Brown*, Burke*, Butler, Carter, Catavolos*, Caudill, Cavagnero, Cibulka, Clauter*, Cohen, Darnall, Deem, DeSimone, Diedrichs*, Duffy*, Durant, Ellis, Filak, Fink III, Forgue*, Gaetke, Garen, Gesund*, Getchell, Gonzalez, Gross, Hanson, Hoffman, Isaacs*, Jackson, Jefferies*, Lester, Martin, C., Martin, M., McCormick, McKinney, Mobley, Mohney, Noonan*, Odoi, Owen*, Peffer*, Perman, Perrier*, Portillo, Pulito, Roberts, Robinson, Roland, Shaw, Shay, Smith, Sottile*, Staben, Steltenkamp*, Sudharshan, Thelin*, Todd, Tsang, Turner, S., Turner, W., Vasconez*, Vestal, Walker, Williams, C., Williams, E., Witt, Wyatt.

*Denotes excused absence.

1. Approval of Minutes from October 11, 2004 and November 8, 2004

The Chair asked if there were any corrections to the minutes. There being none, the minutes were approved as written.

2. Announcements

The Chair announced that due to a lack of a quorum at the November 8, 2004 meeting the six name changes that were pending did not have the opportunity to be discussed or approved. As a result, the items were posted to the web site for a 10-day review period. Since no objections were received, the items were approved and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval.

The Chair announced that previous Senate action regarding the chairpersonship of the ACMC had proven unworkable and noted that the Senate Council will put forth additional information at a future meeting.

The Chair drew the Senate?s attention the work of the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Offenses, which is chaired by Grossman. He applauded the thoughtful work of the committee and noted that a recommendation and draft proposal will be forthcoming shortly. Grossman added that once a draft is ready for review it?ll be posted to the web site in order to obtain campus-wide input before being forwarded to the Senate Council.

The Chair reminded the Senate that Senate Council elections were underway and encouraged them to vote. Bailey reported to the Senate that Yanarella was elected to a second term as Chair of the Senate Council while Tagavi was elected Vice-Chair during the recent Senate Council officer election.

The Chair reminded the Senate of the upcoming Board and Senates? annual holiday reception and encouraged them to attend.

3. Board and Senate candidate for degree list

The Chair noted an amendment to the original list of UK degree candidates which includes WKU-UK Joint Engineering program students who were inadvertently left off the original list due to miscommunication between the WKU program faculty and the UK Engineering Dean?s office. He noted it was the UK faculty?s responsibility under KRS 164.240 to recommend all degree candidates to the Board of Trustees and urged the Senate to accept the amendment to the list before forwarding to the Board.

Tagavi made a motion to include the three names on the list, pending the receipt of information from WKU that UK has requested. Grossman seconded the motion, which passed without dissent.

Since the recommendation to approve the degree list was forwarded from the Senate Council there was no need for a motion to approve. The UK list, as amended, passed without dissent.

The Senate turned its attention to the LCC degree candidate list. Jones asked why LCC degrees should still be vetted through the Senate, given LCC?s recent separation from the University. The Chair replied that LCC students who were currently enrolled were admitted while LCC and UK were still together. Those students will continue to receive their degrees from UK in the same way the other community college students did.

The LCC degree candidate list was forwarded from the Senate Council with a positive recommendation and passed the Senate without dissent.

4. Change to Senate Rules Regarding Board of Trustee Elections

Change to Senate Rules Regarding Board of Trustee Elections (DOC)

The Chair noted that the proposal and rationale (DOC) were available in the agenda packets. He said the proposed changes allowed for electronic elections, provided for tie-breaking, allowed elections to occur in the Spring, and generally cleaned up the language of the rule.

Tagavi provided further clarification and accepted questions from the floor. There being no questions or objections the Chair called for a vote. The proposal passed without dissent.

5. Annual Ombud report

The Chair invited the Ombud to provide his annual report. Royse thanked the Chair and extended his thanks to Michelle Sohner for her help. He also thanked Cleo Price, Mike Healy, Joe Fink "and all the faculty and students who did their best to render Solomon-like wisdom on behalf of the Board". A complete transcript of the Ombud?s remarks is available as part of the December 2004 University Senate transcript (DOC).

6. Provost's Annual Address

The Chair invited the Provost to present his annual address. The Provost thanked the Chair and said he appreciate the opportunity to the address the Senate. He acknowledged the assistance of Richard Greissman and Mark Denomme in preparing his Power Point presentation. He thanked Connie Ray for providing helpful data.

The Provost spoke about the various issues facing UK. He said that Kentucky needs a great deal of help from UK as an institution and said UK couldn?t provide that help alone. He suggested that higher education in general needs to play a role in helping Kentucky and expressed frustration that fewer resources than necessary were being provided. He said that while the institution should not retreat from ambitions that it had been provided by the state, and while it was not his intention to complain about a lack of resources, he felt the institution felt a sharp pinch in respect to its fate. The Provost also said that students expressed overall satisfaction with their courses and added that the faculty had done a superior job in compensating for the lack of financial support. The Provost also initiated conversation on a variety of topics, including promotion, sabbaticals, revising the faculty title series and augmenting Lecturer appointments at the University. A full transcript of the Provost?s remarks is available as part of the December 2004 University Senate transcript (DOC) and the PowerPoint presentation is available at the Provost?s web site.

Other Business

The Chair noted that some of the concerns expressed regarding enrollment increases and increasing class sizes are being investigated by the Ad Hoc Committee on Enrollment Management, which is chaired by Grabau. The Chair hoped his committee would serve as a lightening for these types of concerns.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:05.

Respectfully submitted by Ernie Bailey
University Senate Secretary

Prepared by Rebecca Scott