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About Our Instructors

Jeremy Colbert received his Masters of Fine Arts from Florida State University in sculpture and ceramics in 2002. He taught both sculpture and ceramics at FSU for six years and sculpture at the University of South Alabama for two years and is currently the Sculpture and Ceramics Technician at the University of Kentucky. Jeremy's philosophy on art is: "My work has always been about personal expression with basic levels of communication. For me the right material and image says the right thing. It is all about connecting to the viewer in a visual conversation."


Christine Kuhn is a professional artist, world traveler and overall bonvivante. She holds degrees in biology, chemistry and diplomacy and has used her chemistry knowledge to create her own medium which combines mixed media, drawing and painting techniques with cast epoxy resins. Christine's art focuses on customized pieces commemorating life's transitions (birth, marriage, graduation, beginning of a new business, etc.) and passages (separations, relocations and changes of all sorts as well as memorials of both people and animals). Her artwork has been exhibited widely throughout the Southeastern US and in Central America and she has received grants from both the Kentucky Arts Council and the Kentucky Foundation for Women. In addition to creating art, Christine also works with children and adults, helping them discover themselves through the creative process. When she's not working or teaching, Christine can often be found wandering the streets of downtown Lexington with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.


Lennon Michalski's work has been shown internationally in group shows in Mexico, Colombia, and China. He also participates with a number of nonprofit art organizations in the Lexington area. Lennon is involved with the group Downswing Production which is interested in networking artists together to create collaborative projects. Michalski earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Digital Media from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He now is an Instructor in the College of Art at University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University. The artist now lives and works in Lexington.


Jill Stofer is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in ceramics and has been a professional clay artist for over 25 years. She was an adjunct ceramics instructor at UK for over 10 years and has given private clay lessons for over 20 years. Currently, she is an art instructor at Lexington Montessori School in addition to instructing in the Fine Arts Institute, which she has done since its inception in 1993. Jill has owned Main Cross Gallery, a fine art gallery in Victorian Square featuring local artists, since 2000.


The creations of studio furniture craftsman Lynn Sweet are both art objects and functional furnishings that provoke the same curiosity as fine sculpture.  Whether he is building a cabinet, chair or table, Sweet continually experiments with fresh design techniques and unusual finishes that involve the viewer both visually and tactually. His pieces are a pleasure to see, touch and use. Lynn has been making furniture since the early 70s. He first worked with the late Charles Wilson Kelly of Versailles, Kentucky, where he learned to "make" antiques. 17th and 18th century English chairs and cabinets were disassembled, blueprinted, & used as models to build exact copies, which Kelly sold as reproductions in his Fine Antiques Gallery. Later, as Museum Technician for the Kentucky Historical Society, Sweet worked with the State Capitol Restoration Project, restoring the furniture of the old state capitol chambers and working on the evolving exhibits of the Kentucky History Museum in Frankfort. While he continued to copy antiques, the artist's need to push his own ideas prompted variations on historic designs, exploring the use of both old and new elements in commissions for various clients. For the past two decades, Sweet has maintained a studio and overseen the woodworking program at the University of Kentucky Department of Art. His exhaustive study of design history is evident in his work. Modern and contemporary influences are as apparent as the influences of the past, and while much of his early work reflects his interest in Neo-Classicism and Post Modernism, a large influence on his work today can be found in the pieces displayed in the Paris Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes Exhibit of 1925--a mode better known today as Art Deco--and in the forms of the International Style and Modernist architecture. His own signature style embraces new Modernism or Neo-Modernism, exhibiting impeccable craftsmanship and a fearless sense of adventure. He continues to investigate ways to process his materials, creating unusual bends, multi-dimensional curves and complex forms. A variety of veneers, domestic & imported, are used as well as unique polychrome (multi-color) finishes. Granite, glass, cast bronze, steel and other durable materials are also employed with sensitivity. Often, the interiors of his case goods surprise with bold contrasts to his exterior surfaces. These functional art objects perform in either home or office with sophistication & elegance.


Laverne Zabielski, artist and writer, received her MFA in Writing from Spalding University. She studied fiber art with Arturo Alonzo Sandoval at the University of Kentucky. Her memoir, "The Garden Girls' Letters and Journal" was published in 2006 by Wind Publications. She writes, "Currently I live in a cabin in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. My inspiration comes from hiking in the woods and trying to figure out how to capture the colors I see. My truly wearable art, made from all natural fabrics, includes serenity shawls, goddess capes, bolero jackets, poetry vests and skirts, riding coats, caftans and dresses."  

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