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Patterson School Photo Gallery

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Picture 1
Photo of Beth Supple at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington, DC.
cutline: Patterson graduates in Washington make policy, promote trade and advance security.

Picture 2
Photo of U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
cutline: Many students pursue internships and careers with Congress.

Picture 3
Photo of Sheritha Brace (Ghana), Jason McNabb (USA), Hans Wrobel (Germany), Song Yang (China), Marta Recinos (El Salvador), and Robert Smith (USA)
cutline: With a student from each continent at the table, reaching consensus on the best internship or vacation destination is impossible.

Picture 4
Photo of the Sultan Hassan, Ar-Rafai, Mahmoud Pasha Mosques (from left to right) in Cairo, Egypt.
cutline: Rising interest in Arabic is drawing Patterson students to Cairo for language training.

Picture 5
Photo of the Khan el-Khalili, one of the world's most historic markets. Egypts stranglehold on the spice trade via the "Khan" provided the impetus for Columbus' voyage to find a new route to the Indies
cutline: Cairo's Khan el-Khalili market.

Picture 6
Photo of street vendors near Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal.
cutline: Beware of street food in Kathmandu!

Picture 7
Photo of the marker for the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Province, South Africa.
cutline: Careers that literally take you to the ends of the Earth.

Picture 8
Photo of Simunye village Zulu chief, Mfule River Valley, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.
cutline: Zulu tribesmen have found profit in "cultural tourism."

Picture 9
Photo of “The Big Hole,” the world's largest diamond mine, Kimberley, South Africa. The source of fame and fortune for Cecil Rhodes and the De Beers Company. In 2000, governments meeting here launched the Kimberley Process to try to stem the flow of "conflict diamonds."
cutline: The original "Big Dig." DeBeers' Kimberley Mine yielded more than three tons of diamonds.

Picture 10
Photo of Mary Wong in lobby of the Harry S Truman Building, US Department of State, Washington, DC.
cutline: We prepare our students to achieve, succeed and lead.

Picture 11
Photo of portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong on the gate to the Forbidden City at Tiananmen square, Beijing, China.
cutline: Despite a freewheeling modern economy, signs of China's communist legacy remain readily apparent.

Picture 12
Photo of ruins of the 16th century Portuguese St. Paul College in Macau, China.
cutline: In Macau East met West, producing a vibrant mix of cultures.

Picture 13
Photo of students Song Yang, Stephen Cawthorn, and Sean Bohannon preparing to make a group presentation on trade promotion.
cutline: The Patterson School builds teamwork and friendship.

Picture 14
Photo of the Bank of China Tower designed by I.M. Pei. Hong Kong, China. Bank of China is today the world’s 8th largest bank; its neighbor, HSBC, is the world’s 3rd largest corporation.
cutline: Global finance centers like Hong Kong offer international commerce majors challenging opportunities.

Picture 15
Photo of the Chrysler Building.
cutline: For careers, the “Big Apple” remains a big draw.

Picture 16
Photo of Patterson School Director Carey Cavanaugh on the flight deck of the USS Kitty Hawk in the South China Sea.
cutline: Ambassador Cavanaugh appreciates both soft and hard diplomacy.

Picture 17
Photo of Karl Turner - a 1979 Patterson School graduate - and his son Lawliss Turner, a 2006 Patterson School graduate.
cutline: Like father, like son. The Turners are the Patterson School's first family with two generations of graduates.

Picture 18
Photo of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Admiral Mike Mullen discussing Iraq policy with students Ryan Mullen, Marina Eliseeva, John Crawford, and Thomas Sewell.
cutline: Students learn from current and former policymakers exactly how Washington works.

Picture 19
Photo of students Lindsay Beinecke and Major Michael Rush with former CJCS and Secretary of State Colin Powell.
cutline: … but, out of office leaders speak a bit more freely.

Picture 20
Photo of student Casey Poe with a U.S. Army NCO just back from Iraq.
Cutline: Talking to those who’ve served on the frontlines can be the best source of knowledge.

Picture 21
Photo of Patterson alumni Reggie Gibbs and Dr. Jay Singh visiting an IDP (internally displaced people) camp in Northern Uganda.
cutline: Fighting hunger and disease is as important as fighting terrorism.

Picture 22
Photo of fried bug vendors at Phnom Penh’s 1930 “PsarThmei” (New Market)
cutline: Six-legged snack food in Cambodia.

Picture 23
Photo of Lockwood Chair Professor Karen Mingst touring UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky during new student orientation.
cutline: Professor Mingst learns how to get wherever she wants by 10:00 am the next day.

Picture 24
Photo of students Stephanie Boven and Sean Bohannon visiting the “Huaca el Dragon,” part of the archaeological centers of the Mochica and Chimú culturesin Peru’sChicama Valley.
cutline: Exploring Peru’s Inca and Chimú cultures while interns at Embassy Lima.

Picture 25
Photo of student Stephanie Fahs at Fort Knox Armor Center weapons simulator.
cutline: You can’t learn how the armed forces train, if you just sit in the classroom.

Picture 26
Photo of student Christina Chamberlain in full armor and ready for action
cutline: Students finish our programs armed with the necessary skills and experience.

Picture 27
Photo of the members of the Fall 2007 Graduating Class at historic Spindletop Hall, Lexington, Kentucky.
cutline: Graduates ready to follow their dreams and change the world.