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Patterson School Media Kit Gallery

Text Only

Picture 1
Photo of Students on Admin Building Steps
cutline: 55th Patterson School Class, 2014

Picture 2
Photo of Patterson School Core Faculty
cutline: THE BOARD: Patterson School Core Faculty

Picture 3
Formal Headshot of Patterson School director Carey Cavanaugh
cutline: Director Carey Cavanaugh

Picture 4
Casual Photo of Director Cavanaugh
cutline: Ambassador Cavanaugh in Istanbul

Picture 5
Headshot of Stacy Closson
cutline: Assistant Professor Stacy Closson

Picture 6
Headshot of Kathleen Montgomery
cutline: Associate Professor Kathleen Montgomery

Picture 7
Half-body shot of Maxwell Wise
cutline: Adjunct Professor Maxwell Wise

Picture 8
Headshot of Ying-Juan Rogers
cutline: Adjunct Professor Ying-Juan Rogers

Picture 9
Headshot of Anupam Ray
cutline: Diplomat in Residence Anupam Ray, India

Picture 10
Headshot of Douglas Janoff
cutline: Diplomat in Residence Douglas Janoff

Picture 11
Headshot of John Stempel
cutline: Professor Emeritus John Stempel