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Alumni, employees, students and friends of UK.

Developed by the University of Kentucky department of Government Relations, UKAN works very closely with the UK Alumni Association and other friends of the University to involve alumni, employees, students and friends of UK in our legislative agenda.


Build relationships and communicate with their legislators in the Kentucky General Assembly regarding issues of importance to the University of Kentucky and higher education. More...

UKAN serves as a pipeline of information to the UK family on legislative issues important to the University of Kentucky and higher education. Volunteer Advocates within UKAN then carry on that information to their Senator and Representative in the Kentucky General Assembly.


Legislators are most likely to listen to their own constituents. UKAN Advocates help secure the awareness and support the University of Kentucky needs to succeed and reach Top 20 status, as mandated by the Kentucky General Assembly in House Bill 1. More...

In 1997, the Kentucky General Assembly passed House Bill 1, which mandated that the University of Kentucky achieve Top 20 status. However, the percentage of funding that we receive from the State has continued to decrease. Legislators are most likely to listen to the people who elected them to serve in the Kentucky General Assembly. Therefore, the goal of UKAN is to mobilize an informed constituency and create a groundswell in support, or opposition to, a particular issue important to UK.


UKAN Advocates will not only develop relationships with their legislators, but they will also have timely information on priority issues at the University of Kentucky. Our Governmental Relations Department will release specific Calls to Action that will provide the data and direction that Advocates will use to effectively communicate with their legislators.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are infrequent but carefully timed around issues in the General Assembly and require immediate attention. The most important part of this program is your participation. Calls to action are issued by e-mail, telephone and mail. They will describe the current issue and the University of Kentucky’s position, give clear instructions for contacting your legislator and include a request for feedback to the Government Relations staff. Unless otherwise instructed, use the communication method you are most comfortable with to communicate quickly and effectively. Although it may not be feasible to schedule a meeting with a legislator on short notice, face-to-face contact is the most effective means of communication. It is extremely important that the Government Relations staff receive any information concerning the position of your legislator on the issue at hand.


The UKAN Advocates are doing an excellent job of promoting the University of Kentucky in their local communities. They stay informed about what is going on in the Kentucky General Assembly, and more importantly, they are taking the time to discuss important issues with their legislators. We want to highlight their efforts to support our legislative priorities at the University of Kentucky.

"The University of Kentucky plays an important role in every corner of Kentucky by providing resources that foster economic development and quality of life throughout the state. It is critical that the legislature continue to recognize this critical role and provide the resources necessary to build on and quicken the momentum necessary to move all of Kentucky forward. UKAN is just the vehicle to focus all Kentuckians on this very important mission."

John Cain
'86 Ryland Heights, KY

"UKAN performs a great service to the University. There is no better way to get positive action in Frankfort than for a constituent to personally stay in touch with their legislators and keep them informed as to the issues that affect the University of Kentucky."

Alice Sparks
Crestview Hills, KY

"The University of Kentucky has afforded me so many opportunities as a student that I feel forever compelled to try to give back to it through whatever means. Participating in UKAN affords me an opportunity to directly impact the future of UK and see that Kentucky students will enjoy the same opportunities for years to come."

Brent Burchett
Public Service and Leadership Junior
Murray, KY

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