Graduate School Bulletin - Spring 2005


The College of Engineering offers a multidisciplinary Master of Engineering degree. This graduate program is intended to serve the educational needs of engineers from accredited baccalaureate programs employed by Kentucky industries, consulting firms, and government agencies. The degree is offered in its entirety through off-campus modes of delivery, predominantly via Interactive Television (ITV), to sites at cooperating comprehensive universities, community colleges, independent colleges, and other institutions throughout the Commonwealth.The program is not offered outside Kentucky and is not suitable for on-campus, degree-seeking students.

The courses are also available to students in post-baccalaureate status who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in a specific area, but who are not pursuing an advanced degree.

The five program areas of concentration are: 1) environmental engineering, 2) manufacturing systems design, 3) advanced processing systems, 4) electronics and process control, and 5) mining engineering.

Admission Requirements

Before enrolling in an extended-campus engineering course, applicants must gain admission (regular, provisional, or post-baccalaureate) to the University of Kentucky Graduate School. United States citizens or U.S. permanent residents must complete the following admission requirements:

•Submit a completed application for admission to the UK Graduate School. Distance Learning Programs will coordinate the process for Distance Learning students.

•Obtain a bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline from an ABET- accredited institution

•Present a minimum undergraduate grade point average on all undergraduate course work of 2.75 based on a 4.0 scale.

•Send two official transcripts from each college or university previously attended.

•Submit a minimum score of 1000 on the combined verbal and quantitative sections of the Graduate Record Examination (must be satisfied before completing 9 credit hours of graduate work).

•Pay the required Graduate School application fee for domestic applicants.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Engineering degree requires 30 credit hours of course work. Students who enroll in the program will develop an individualized program which has an 18 credit hour area of concentration. The area of concentration will be multidisciplinary and will correspond to the student's career objectives. The remaining 12 credit hours will be in supporting electives, drawn from Engineering, Business and Economics, Mathematics, or other areas. At least one-half of the courses must be at the 600 level or above. Each student will have a major professor who, with two or more additional faculty, will constitute the student's advisory committee. This Committee will review and approve the student's proposed individualized plan of study and will administer the student's final exam (on campus).

Students may utilize any graduate course offered by UK or by other recognized graduate degree-granting institutions, providing these graduate courses meet the program requirements, are approved by the student's committee, and are taken in graduate status. Transfer of credit for courses taken from other institutions or for courses taken in another degree program or as a post-baccalaureate student is limited to 9 credit hours.

For copies of sample individualized curricula in the program's five areas of concentration or for current information on course offerings and sequencing, contact:

Dr. G. T. Lineberry
Associate Dean for Commonwealth and International Programs
234F Mining and Mineral Resources Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0107
(859) 257-2833
FAX: (859) 323-1962

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