Vocational Education

Graduate Faculty: Professors Charles Byers, Sandra Miller and Clayton Omvig. Associate Professor Rodney Tulloch.

Joint Appointments: Associate Professor Douglas C. Smith and Assistant Professors Joyce P. Logan and Rosetta F. Sandidge.

Emeritus Professors: Herbert Bruce, Bernard Fagan, Leonard McDowell, David McMurtry, and Vernon Musselman.

The Colleges of Agriculture and Human Environmental Sciences offer the Master of Science in Vocational Education, emphasizing Agricultural Education and Home Economics Education. Additionally, the Department of Vocational Education offers an advanced degree program leading to the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). These advanced degree programs are designed to prepare candidates for leadership positions in vocational education in such areas as: administration, curriculum, teacher education, research, and vocational guidance.

In addition, programs are offered for: (1) the professional certification for supervision and coordination of vocational education, and certification for vocational school principal, (2) Rank II classification for Kentucky teachers through the Planned Fifth-Year Program, and (3) Rank I classification for Kentucky teachers, and (4) initial teacher certification.

Master's Degree Program In Vocational Education

The focus of the master's degree program in vocational education is the further development of competencies needed as a teacher. However, provisions are made to accommodate a wide variety of individuals from diverse settings such as administration, curriculum, corporate or military training, or cooperative extension.

The master's degree in vocational education requires 24 graduate course hours for a Plan A thesis option and 30 hours for the Plan B non-thesis option. Twelve (fifteen for Plan B) hours must be taken in AED/HEE courses, of which at least nine hours (twelve for Plan B) are at the 600-700 level. A minimum of twelve hours (15 for Plan B) of course work at the 600 level or above is required.

Teachers seeking a Standard Certificate must meet the above criteria and the university's approved certification program requirements which specify work in professional education and course work related to the individual's teaching specialty. (Certification requirements are available from the Director of Graduate Studies.)

Doctoral (Ed.D.) Degree  In Vocational Education

The doctoral program in vocational education is designed to prepare individuals for leadership positions in the field. The program is research based and provides for development of a broad knowledge of vocational education and in-depth preparation for careers in teacher education, research, curriculum development, vocational administration, and career counseling. The program requires completion of at least 42 semester hours beyond the master's degree, passage of comprehensive examinations, and the preparation and defense of a doctoral dissertation.

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree in Vocational Education is not presently accepting new applicants.

Certification Programs

For information concerning the certification programs, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

AED/HEE 501 Practicum in Vocational Education (1-12)
AED/HEE 535 Principles and Philosophy of Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 580 Methods for Teaching Vocational Education I (3)
AED/HEE 586 Methods in Teaching Vocational Education II (3)
AED/HEE 590 Problems in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 670 Advanced Methods in Teaching Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 671 Youth Organizations in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 672 Curriculum Construction in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 678 Selecting Teaching Materials (3)
AED/HEE 679 Adult Education in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 680 Directing Experience Programs in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 684 Current Trends in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 686 Evaluation in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 694 The Administration of Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 695 Special Problems in Vocational Education (3)
AED/HEE 768 Residence Credit for the Master's Degree (1-6)
AED/HEE 779 Seminar in Vocational Education (1-3)
AED/HEE 789 Independent Work in Vocational Education (1-3)
AED/HEE 799 Research in Vocational Education (1-3)

BUS 519 Records Management (3)
BUS 556 Business Reports and Communications (3)
EDV 516 Problems of the Coordinator in Vocational Education (2-3)
EDV 517 Determining Teaching Content in Distributive Education (2-3)
EDV 583 Experience Programs in Vocational Agriculture (3)
EDV 588 Home Economics Education Program (3)
EDV 615 Problems in Business Education (3)
EDV 685 Home Economics Curriculum Construction (3)
EDV 687 Home Economics Supervision (3)
EDV 693 Supervision in Vocational Education (3)
EDV 702 Career Development: Research, Theories and Practices (2-3)
EDV 749 Dissertation Research (0)
EDV 769 Residence Credit for the Doctor's Degree (0-12)