GOAL IV Discover, Share and Apply New Knowledge

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Key Indicators
By 2006, we will:

  1. Increase federal research expenditures, as reported in the National Science Foundation Survey of Research and Development Scientific and Engineering Expenditures, to at least $140 million.
  2. Secure authorization for an additional state-of-the-art research facility in support of the growth plan for research facilities as defined in the University’s Physical Development Campus Plan.
  3. Increase doctoral degree enrollment from 2,154 to 2,350; and increase doctoral degree production from 216 to 250.
  4. Increase postdoctoral scholars from 232 to 275.









s a doctoral, research-extensive institution, the University of Kentucky must demonstrate excellence in discovery and innovation, characterized by preeminent scholarship -- encompassing research, creative activities, teaching and learning, and extension, as well as professional practice. Faculty, staff and students participate in the process of research and discovery throughout their careers at the University. To meet our research challenge and maximize its potential for the advancement of Kentucky's economy and way of life, we will identify and pursue innovative ways to discover, share and apply new knowledge.

  1. The University will aggressively pursue targeted strategies to increase extramural research funding. A preeminent research university continually develops its capacity to create and share new knowledge. We must assist more faculty in launching productive research careers; link basic, clinical, extension, and other applied efforts to focus resources on critical areas of opportunity; and form multi-investigator, interdisciplinary research teams that will target specific extramural funding opportunities.
  2. The University will provide the facilities and equipment necessary to enhance research capacity. Meeting the challenge to become a top research university carries with it the responsibility to ensure adequate laboratory space, research equipment, information access, and staff support. We must continually assess research productivity levels and the need for new space and equipment, develop the means to meet and support identified needs, and ensure wise use and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  3. The University will cultivate the success of diverse efforts in scholarly achievement and research. Excellence and recognition of faculty from many disciplines, including those for which extramural resources are scarce, are essential to fulfilling our mission. We must foster leading scholarship throughout the University; commemorate the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students; and communicate their successes to the Commonwealth and beyond.
  4. The University will attract and enroll highly qualified doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars. A reputation for nationally acclaimed programs enhances the ability of top research universities to recruit the finest students and postdoctoral scholars. We must enroll greater numbers of such students, integrate these students into research programs, and facilitate their roles as new investigators. To sustain a cycle of increasing quality, productivity and recognition, we must assist new investigators to become excellent research faculty in institutions throughout the nation.
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