GOAL V Nurture Diversity of Thought, Culture, Gender and Ethnicity

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By 2006, we will:

Meet the enrollment and persistence goals of the Kentucky Plan for Equal Opportunities in Higher Education and the employment goals of the University Affirmative Action Plan.

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he University of Kentucky is committed to creating a diverse, multicultural community of scholars and learners. To advance this commitment we must move forward with specific actions that demonstrate our belief in the value and richness of human differences. We must provide a model for the Commonwealth of a truly diverse society that celebrates human differences, promotes fairness and equity in policies and practices, and upholds basic principles of social justice. To become one of the nation's best research universities, we must foster a creative, supportive environment that will nurture diversity of thought, culture, gender and ethnicity.

  1. The University will improve the climate for diversity. Programs designed to create a diverse community in which all individuals and groups can thrive, both personally and professionally, are necessary to build upon recruitment and hiring successes. We must create an inclusive living and learning environment for faculty, staff and students through leadership training, professional development, and mentoring programs that promote sensitivity and respect for the full range of human diversity.
  2. The University will create a diverse workplace and learning community. A nationally prominent research university demonstrates a commitment to diversity and equity by following practices that protect and advance the interests of all its members. We must increase awareness of our diversity and equity aspirations, address equitable compensation issues, establish unit goals in support of university-wide goals, and evaluate progress at all levels. We must expect our leadership to demonstrate improvements, and we must reward those who do.
  3. The University will cultivate the success of diverse efforts in scholarly achievement and research. Excellence and recognition of faculty from many disciplines, including those for which extramural resources are scarce, are essential to fulfilling our mission. We must foster leading scholarship throughout the University; commemorate the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students; and communicate their successes to the Commonwealth and beyond.
  4. The University will attract and enroll highly qualified doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars. A reputation for nationally acclaimed programs enhances the ability of top research universities to recruit the finest students and postdoctoral scholars. We must enroll greater numbers of such students, integrate these students into research programs, and facilitate their roles as new investigators. To sustain a cycle of increasing quality, productivity and recognition, we must assist new investigators to become excellent research faculty in institutions throughout the nation.
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