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Our current strategic plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees in May 1998, was a five-year plan that will expire by the end of 2003. I have initiated the development of our next strategic plan -- The Dream and the Challenge. This plan will be the basis for the University's actions for the next three years, July 1, 2003, through June 30, 2006. The characteristics recommended by the Top 20 Task Force will provide the framework for the new plan. I selected a three-year period because of our rapidly changing environment, including a more diverse and interdependent global society, and our aggressive goals. We must be flexible and responsive to external changes.

Our strategic plan, The Dream and the Challenge, will be developed by an Executive Steering Committee and three subcommittees representing the academic, business and clinical enterprise communities that comprise the University. Each subcommittee is to review our mission, vision and value statements; identify the objectives and measures of success to be accomplished during the next three years; and identify the offices responsible for ensuring our progress.

The objectives and success measures will provide a blueprint for the way faculty, staff and administrators will work together to help the University move forward in achieving each of the six characteristics recommended by the Top 20 Task Force. These six characteristics, which will be the goals for the strategic plan, are:

  1. Reach for National Prominence
  2. Attract and Graduate Outstanding Students
  3. Attract and Retain Distinguished Faculty and Superior Staff
  4. Discover, Share, and Apply New Knowledge
  5. Nurture Diversity of Thought, Culture, Gender, and Ethnicity
  6. Tackle the "Kentucky Uglies."

Chuck Staben and Gene Williams have agreed to be the chairs of the academic and business subcommittees, respectively; Frank Butler and Emery Wilson have agreed to be the co-chairs of the clinical enterprise subcommittee. The executive steering committee will include the four subcommittee chairs, Jack Blanton, Jim Holsinger, Angie Martin, Mike Nietzel, Connie Ray and me.

The Executive Steering Committee will synthesize the work of the subcommittees and share the draft results with the University community, including the Board of Trustees. Feedback will be used to refine and finalize the plan. I believe the critical characteristics of the final product are:

  1. The plan will be concise -- approximately 10 pages in its entirety.
  2. The language will be clear and easily understood by all members of
    the University community and the public.

As a final step in the planning process, the Executive Steering Committee will guide the development of a resource plan to support the strategic plan. The target date for presentation of the new strategic plan -- The Dream and the Challenge -- to the Board of Trustees for adoption is May 2003. We will prepare annually a status report, The Success, as the plan is implemented.

I sincerely hope you will participate in the development of our strategic plan, the blueprint for our future. Thank you very much for your continued support.

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