Corporate Logos
Approved for use by UK Entities

The following is a list of all logos or images with logos of corporate entities which have been approved for use on University of Kentucky Web sites. As per the University Web policy, no other corporate logos are permitted. If there is a need to use a corporate logo not on this list, please notify the Web Advisory Committee who have the authority to approve such logos by contacting UK Public Relations.

US News & WRUS News 06
U.S. News & World Report images may be used by units with sufficient rank with U.S. News & World Report. These images may only be used with specific, written permission directly from U.S. News & World Report or indirectly through the University Offie of Public Relations. The correct image must be used.




PDF Icon Generally speaking, the university prefers the use of a simple (PDF) text to indicate a PDF document. However, in cases where an image is necessary, this image is the only approved one for use on University of Kentucky sites. No other images from the Adobe Corporation are permitted, including the common "Get Acrobat Reader" image.

Children's Miracle Network


UK Hospital is a designated beneficiary of the Children's Miracle Network. Because of this unique situation and the fact that Chilldren's Miracle Network is a not-for-profit entity, the Children's Miracle Network logo may be used on Unviersity Web pages for the purposes of promoting this annual event.


Opportunity Knocks is a 501c3 not-for-profit. It is not affiliated with any corporate entities whcih might be of concern to the Unviersity.

The following logos are permitted under the special exemption for operating computer software.

Site Meter LogoFor use only on the College of Education Home Page.


Tech logoFor use only on the College of Education Home Page.


A general exemption applies to logos for Microsoft server software products (e.g., MS-Exchange).