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: Obtaining a Web Site
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Obtaining a Web site at the University of Kentucky is fairly easy.  We will only address obtaining a Web site for an official unit of the University and gaining access to an existing Web site of an official unit of the University on the campus server ( and the Chandler Medical Center Web servers* (, and

Obtaining a Web site for an Official Unit of the University

  1. To become a Web information provider or maintainer you must request a Web userid from User Account Services at the IT Customer Service Center in McVey Hall.
  2. Obtain verbal and written permission from your Dean, Department Head or other chief officer for development of the site and go online to and fill out the "Computer Accounts Request Form." Or an official Security Liaison of your college/department can email a request to the IT Customer Services Center's Accounts team (
  3. Fill out the form online and print it (or fill it out after printing it).
    Pay attention to the following:
    1. In Step 2, check the New Account box.
    2. In Step 3, under Account/Service Information check one of the boxes under Other Accounts/Services and put WWW on the line provided.
    3. In Step 4, print or type the authorizing official's name and supply the remainder of the information requested, if appropriate.
  4. Have supervisor sign by the "X" in Step 4
  5. Copy signed "Computer Accounts Form."
  6. Fax "Computer Accounts Form" to IT Customer Service Center at 7-9374.
  7. Within a couple of business days the authorizing official designated on the form will be e-mailed confirmation that your Web account is active.
  8. Notify of the site you wish to create and provide them the authorization.
  9. Once you receive confirmation you may start connecting to and editing your site with an SFTP connection.
  10. Please note that you will be given your own specific space for development in the form of  DO NOT use this space for public distribution.

Gaining Access to an Existing Web site of an Official Unit of the University

  1. If you do not already have a Web userid, request one from user account services.
  2. Obtain permission from the current Web provider and have that person send a request to, or to access a site on the MC servers fill out the online form at
  3. If the previous web publisher no longer works at the University, obtain permission from your chief officer who then needs to notify or fill out the online form at
  4. Access your site via Secured File Transfer Protocol.

So, how do I access my site?

*More complete instructions are available at

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