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: State and Federal Policies
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University policies that cover Web use include: the Computing Policies, the University Web Policy, the UK HealthCare Web Policy (pdf), as well as obligations under copyright law, health law (HIPAA), student rights (FERPA), Kentucky Council on Postseconddary Education and various regulatory and accreditation requirements.  We'll briefly look at each of these areas.

This policy recognizes the privacy and a fair use of resources rights for users.  In other words, the University commits to avoid any unnecessary intrusion into your use of computing resources and to ensure that all units have a certain basic access to resources.  Neither of these rights is infringed in supporting the obligations of the users enumerated in the policy.

Users must:

  1. Not, under any circumstances, share account or access information.
  2. Be responsible for passwords, physical access, backups, and virus protection.
  3. Obey the law including regulatory obligations.
  4. Not run a business unless there has been specific approval from the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  5. Not waste other users' time or resources by tying up or maliciously using computing resources.

Probably the two biggies for Web users here are not to run a business and to obey the law.  Copyright infringement is a violation, posting information restricted by regulations is a violation, posting personal information without approval may be a violation.  You get the idea.

More specifics about UK Web Policies...

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