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: University Standards and Guidelines
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In addition to the required policy, the University has drafted basic standards and guidelines which relate to the Web.  The most important of these is the Official Graphics Standards Manuals.  This site and it's links spell out the appropriate use of official University logos and marks.  The graphics which comply with these marks, including unit signatures, are only available from the Downloads page (myUK login and password required) the Office of Public Relations or UK HealthCare MarketingYou may not create these graphics on your own! 

The manuals also spell out proper use of these marks both on their own and in conjunction with other elements.  Finally, the manuals provide information on University colors, licensing, the official SACS statement and more. These standards are absolute, however specific guidelines for dealing with the Web and electronic media are available (pdf).

The University has established additional guidelines maintained by Public Relations which are based on the general recommendations by Web publishers on campus. The bulk of these guidelines follow certain basic principles:

  1. Standards are there for a reason
  2. Because you can, does not mean you should. Pop-up windows, frames, splash pages, etc., should NOT be used without a compelling reason.
  3. Maximize your audience.  Make your site usable and accessible and make sure it does not have errors such as broken links.
  4. Make it friendly. Minimize scrolling, use titles and meta tags, create page names in lowercase without spaces, etc.
  5. Give it context. Create a navigation that includes umbrella organizations such as a College but also the University as a whole.

C. Todd Fluhr's Big List of Basic Do’s, Don’ts, and Always for today’s web design (TechRepublic Webmaster Blogs)

These guidelines are about usability. In general, users should try to make their sites available to the widest possible audiences. Well-constructed sites which are standards compliant will achieve this.

The Office of Public Relations maintains a Style Guide which includes a list of official University names (buildings, centers, etc.)

The Office of Public Relations can provide definitive answers to any ambiguities in UK Web policies or guidelines.  PR can also provide advice on these and any other issues of site design and development including questions of a technical nature.

Now, let's look at the all-important Accessibility issues...

This site was last updated on June 30, 2011 . Please direct questions and comments regarding this page to UK Public Relations.

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