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Web@UK: Troubleshooting - Common Problems
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    Even the most experienced Webmaster has stumbled over these situations which prevent them from uploading.

    Wrong site address in SFTP window
    Is Caps Lock on?
    Wrong site address in SFTP window
    Address must start with "/" (/www/htdocs/???)
    Denied permission
    Group flags/permissions not set properly (If you are a non-DW user, try PuTTy)
    Cannot upload or download
    Haven't gotten permission to the site, contact
    Not knowing file location or how to set it up
    Person that originally set up site or page is gone
    Contact webmaster for permission
    Page moved to new URL
    See instructions in the moved page section on the Providers page
    Isn't there an easy way to make a form?
    Use AnyForm

    And now a few things we won't talk about today...

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