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Web@UK is designed to give you an understanding of the environment in which you are working.  It also represents part of an effort to improve the overall Web presence of the University of Kentucky by empowering our Web page editors to provide more consistent and higher quality Web pages.

Therefore, in this course we offer you two things:

  1. A review of University policies, standards and guidelines covering the Web, other usability and accessibility issues and the obligations which accompany them, and the process of gaining approval for your site. This is the "what you must do" part.
  2. The tools and resources available to you, basic instructions on gaining access to University Web sites, and where to go for additional support once you are ready. This is the "what we can do for you" part of the course.

Some of this information may repeat or expand on information covered in the Web Developing courses or prior meetings of the Web Publishers group.

So, on to the course...

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