How do I subscribe to WEBPUBS-L (uk wEB PUBLISHERS' LISTSERV?


Send a message to: (Leave the subject field empty)

In the message body, type:

Subscribe WEBPUBS-L
Yourfirstname Yourlastname


How do I send mail to a list?


To send mail, or "post," to a list, address your e-mail message to: where listname is the name of the list to which you wish to post.


How can I receive messages to the listserv in digest form?


Send e-mail to: with the following text in the message body:
set WEBPUBS-L digest
(Listserv will consolidate the mail from that list into a single large message, usually once a day)


Why did everyone on the list see a reply that I intended to be personal?

Many lists are set so that when you hit the reply button, your response automatically goes to the list. Next time you hit the reply button, check the "To:" line of your response to see where it's going to be sent. If necessary, delete the "To:" address and enter the correct address.


How do I unsubscribe from WEBPUBS-L?

Send e-mail to with the following text in the message body:
signoff WEBPUBS-L

Updated April 26, 2013 by Chuck Ham