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Important Dates

Drupal Lounge
November 30, 2012 Friday, 2-4PM, 100 Hardymon Building

Web Publishers Meeting
February 19, 2013 Tuesday, 2-3PM, Location TBA


It's easy enough to map addresses with markers using Google Maps: Enter your address list and you're done. But what if you want to map data by regions such as states, counties or ZIP codes, with each one color-coded based on a specific data set? That's where Google's Fusion Tables comes in. Still listed as "experimental," this Google Docs feature has nevertheless been used by media outlets and others to quickly create so-called choropleth maps without writing custom code.

Watch this video to learn how.


University of Kentucky Chief Information Security Officer Michael Carr provided us with answers to a myriad of questions about cyber security here at UK, and what we can do to make our sites and computers safe from outside intrusion.

Instead of listing the Q&A's in this newsletter Mike provided the list of sites he uses to keep up to date on security matters:

Carnegie Melon University Web Server Security Guidelines -
OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) -
79 Web Server Security Tips -
10 Tips to Secure Your Apache Web Server on UNIX / Linux -
NIST SP 800-44, Guidelines on Securing Public Web Servers -

Mike also invited us to the UK IT Security Working Group meetings (aka “Community of Practice”), a once/month opportunity for us to discuss the latest issues and challenges; brainstorm and share solutions with one another, float improvement ideas, etc. Agenda topics will vary from month to month and will largely depend on you and your needs. Mike is more than happy to facilitate initially but this Community of Practice will also be a leadership opportunity for others - to present, to teach, to facilitate, to build consensus, to garner support, etc.

Tentative Next Mtg:  Wednesday, January ??, 2013, usually held in Young Alumni Gallery Conference Room (Room 1-65)

If you would like to be added to the UK IT Security Working Group email distribution list, please send a note requesting such to


The Drupal Community at UK is moving forward under the guidance of J.R. Jenkins and Virginia Lacefield.

J.R. reminded us of the Drupal Support Community website where you can request a new Drupal site or module, view the newest resources, find out what current UK sites use Drupal and have your questions answered in the Support Forum.

You can also follow the Drupal Community at UK on twitter @UKYDrupal


Student Success - (Vaughn Fielder)
Tobacco-free Policy - (Chuck Ham)


An Event Apart Atlanta - Feb. 18-20 -
Web Visions - Feb. 27-March 1, New York City -
Midwest PHP Conference - March 203, St. Paul, MN -
SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive - March 8-12, Austin -
An Event Apart Seattle - April 1-3 -
University of Illinois Web Conference - Champaign, IL, April 15016 -