Upgrading a program can often bring a little hesitation to our acceptance of it, especially one you've been happy using for a while. Dreamweaver is no exception. However, the newest version keeps a lot of the familiar and builds on that will powerful new additions.

Also, Adobe has numerous training videos that help you along without taking it too far over your head. In other words, even a novice should find the visual classes easy to understand.

Two of the videos - Inserting HTML5 video content and Fluid grid-based CSS layouts - were viewed in the meeting, but there are many more. Even ones to teach us "old dogs" new tricks.

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NOTE: For those of you interested in more Fluid grid layouts add Creating adaptive designs with fluid grid layouts in Dreamweaver CS6 to your video viewing.


Whenever the phrase, “usability and SEO," enter a conversation, there’s a very good chance it goes in one ear and out the other. Traditionally the term represents two distinct countries, each with their own culture and belief systems. SEO inhabitants live, eat, breathe and play in the realm of marketing, especially in search engines. The Usability side is like a family of blended bloodlines from different smaller families, such as user interface, findability, design, accessibility, and human factors.

Noted "the king of usability," Jakob Nielsen, writes "SEO's basic importance arises from the fact that search is the main resource discovery strategy for most people. Basically, SEO happens before the first click, and usability takes over from there."

In his most recent monthly article Nielsen clarifies the conflicts and offers solutions.

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While the iPhone gets a lot of credit for making "smartphone" a household word, Apple unceremoniously added an optional voice interface to its iOS operating system in 2008. This essentially elevated the visually impaired and blind into taking photos and performing other functions we "visually-able" take for granted.

But what of the web? Even the best user interface is of little help to a visually impaired user trying to make sense of a website whose designers have given no thought to accessibility, often leaving important buttons unlabeled so that they have no audio cues about how to proceed or interact with the site. However, there is a central authority on the Web that issues guidelines on how to assure accessibility, under the auspices of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Information Week's Lamont Wood provides a list of "Design Sins"to avoid if your desire is to include an important segment of UK's web audience.

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As most of you know, Kosta Tovstiadi left UK for the greener pastures and snow of the University of Colorado-Boulder to be their Web Trainer and Community Manager. However, the Drupal Community at UK will move forward under the guidance of J.R. Jenkins, who was introduced at this month's meeting.

In a late August email from UK's Academic Technology Group Director Patsy Carruthers stated, "Plans continue for building a strong Drupal user community here at the University of Kentucky. Look for an announcement in September of the next Drupal Lounge to meet new team members who look forward to helping grow the community over the next year and beyond.  If you have questions before the announcement, please feel free to check the website at http://www.uky.edu/cms  or contact J.R. Jenkins in UKIT at jrj@uky.edu."

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