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I noticed the PR site does not pass WCAG compliance, I thought that was required?  Also, aren't we supposed to be looking at Level 2 now?

Indeed, we might as well start using WCAG 2.  That is much easier done on new sites than old ones.  The PR Web site predates an accessibility policy here at the University.  That accessibility policy only refers to sites (not pages) created after a certain date. When the PR site is next updated, it will be required to be made compliant.

How do you set up pages to allow screen readers to skip repetitive navigation menus?

You will probably use this only for pages after the home page because the navigation is not yet repetitive. The tab index and keyboard shortcut are achieved by placing the following in the HTML of your pages somewhere prior to the first line of your page navigation -- <a href="#main"><img src="shim.gif" alt="Skip main navigation and go to main body of page."></a>. Shim.gif is a 1x1 transparent gif. Then place the following just prior to the first text of the content you want read -- <a name="main" id="main"></a>. This will allow a text reader to skip over the repeated navigation and go directly to the content on the pages.

Just wondering why this site does not require the footer and contact info: https://www4.

Because it is old and has not been updated since 2002. It does technically require those items, but there are literally tens of thousands of old pages like this. If you stumble on one, e-mail the owner so they can update the page or take it down if it is out of date.


Web Policy Review

Authority and Enforcement

Section V. of the University Web Policy directs the UK Manager of Web Services to assume day-to-day responsibility for administering the Web Policy. As the WAC is the governing authority of the policy, in situations where the Manager of Web Services cannot reach a resolution he/she can send the issue to the WAC for resolution.

If the WAC concurs with the Manager of Web Services, then they may take further action up to and including removing Web pages from Web servers or prohibiting access to site on the University network.

It is the hope and belief of everyone involved that there is no circumstance that cannot be resolved without resorting to such measures. Indeed as of this date they have never been invoked.


All traffic going to www2.mc.uky.edu is now being redirected to www.mc.uky.edu through a redirector that will give the message "www2.mc.uky.edu has been removed from service." the users will be redirected to the appropriate page on www.mc.uky.edu. The redirector will be in place for a month 7/16/05 to give the web developers additional time to remove their hard links to www2.mc.uky.edu. If the links are not removed by 7/16/05 they will stop working when www2.mc.uky.edu is removed from the DNS records.


Not yet fully functional, this long awaited site is up at http://app.mc.uky.edu/UKImages/. For now, a couple of folders with campus images and administrators are there for viewing and downloading. One of the cool features is the Slideshow button (upper right corner, looks like an arrow key) which allows you to casually or quickly view each image in the folder in full size. Unfortunately and somewhat to our surprise, the ability of upload your own photos to a folder is not yet available. At this writing, we are working to get that up for you. We'll alert you via the listserv when you can add you own images to the database. In the meantime, we will continue to add images and if you have ones you would like to see on there, let us know.

Site Reviews

The List:



If you take shoot multiple photos of a campus scene or an image just won't fit in the frame of your camera then this will be a great tool for you. It will being several photo images together and create one seamless photo for you. Even if you don't need it view the site anyway for the education, and we guarantee you'll want to bookmark it for later use.

Text Generator
http://www.malevole.com/mv/misc/text/ (thanks to Renee Siegel)

Tired of using Lorem Ipsum for dummy text in your latest masterpiece? This text generator has been developed based on years of careful research and is guaranteed to improve even the most lackluster of designs. And, it even tickles your funny bone as you use it.

Eye Tracking Research of Home Page Layouts

Based on a study by several sources, this article tells and shows how the average initially looks at news page. But after seeing the chart titled "At the core: Homepage layout" you may want to change your site for better viewing and reading.

Link Valet
Google Sitemaps Beta
Trojan holds PC files for ransom
New version of Opera (8)
Contact Pages Keep Visitors In Touch
Google Preview (for Firefox)
Netscape 8 is now out

Notes from Campus


Here's a site for a cell phone simulator: http://developer.openwave.com/dvl/

Graduate School

(In case you missed the e-mail from Mary Kelly)

High Ed Web Sites Runneth Over With Content, Study Says

Higher education Web sites make up less than .01 percent of all Web sites, yet account for more than 2.5 percent of all available Web content, according to an analysis by WebsiteASP, Inc., an application service provider. Higher education institutions host about 200 million Web pages divided between about 5,000 sites, the company found. This amounts to an average of 40,000 Web pages per higher education site, or about 250 times more pages than the average site on the Web.

In contrast, there are about 8 billion Web pages on the World Wide Web today, according to Google. Those pages are served by about 50 million different Web sites, with an average of 160 pages per site.

"Looking at these statistics--excluding only the largest e-commerce and media-related sites--it has become evident that there are no harder working content managers than those at colleges and universities today," said Lance Merker, president of WebsiteASP, Inc.

The study suggested that higher education Web sites have become "an important supplement, and in many cases a complete replacement, for information dissemination, research and transactions. College web sites, and those who manage them, are expected to offer an unprecedented volume and variety of information and services."



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TRAINING UPDATE: Web@UK - Tentatively set for Thursday, July 14 from 1:30 to 4 p.m.
register: http://www.uky.edu/

Web Publishers, South - July 18, Monday, 2-3 p.m., location TBA

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