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Governor’s ADA Taskforce For Postsecondary Institutions: Guidelines For The Accessibility Of Electronically Delivered Instruction And Services

Basically, this is another wake-up call for those of us who have yet to make their Web site meet Federal Section 508 Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications Standards (36 CFR 1194.22) and additionally Level 1 of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Guidelines. There are several points made in the earlier sections about who and why our state government wants all Kentucky institutions of higher learning Web accessible.

Although this was a handout you may obtain a text version online.

Using The Web Accessibility Toolbar

Relating well with the above subject is a toolbar you add to your browser. You choose among various real-time tests, including various W3C validators (HTML & CSS), resizing for resolution, images, color, structure, and others. All of this to help you make your pages more accessible by giving you pointers and revealing areas of inaccessibility.

The toolbar is available free of charge from Vision Australia at


Workarounds needed for IE changes (mostly for users of Flash)
UK Today form changes (read the red)
Office Live Beta Web Tools (view Previews)
Hiding e-mail addresses with Email Riddler
Speakeasy Speed Test
How long will your password stand up?
Cool effect (mouse over top right corner)

Web Policy Review

Hosted Web Materials

The University of Kentucky benefits from and is proud to support the broader professional and academic efforts of its faculty and staff, which more than offsets the marginal costs of providing Web site support for the programs and organizations of those activities.

The University of Kentucky will provide Web site hosting for any professionally or institutionally relevant site for faculty, staff or students, resources permitting. In cases where resources are an issue, the WAC may be consulted to determine if the situation is of a nature that resources should be identified for the service.

All hosted Web materials must comply with relevant laws, regulations, and University policies and procedures at all times.

If the WAC determines a site does not conform to any of these requirements, it reserves the right to require the site owner to make corrections or adjustments.

Please see the Web Policy for further details

Notes from Campus

Strategic Plans Links On Web Sites

The following is in answer to an e-mail about whether sites still need to have their college, department or unit strategic plan listed and linked:

From Connie A. Ray, Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness: We asked units to put a link to their strategic plan on their websites, so when our accreditation team (from SACS) visited the various websites, they would clearly see that units throughout the university maintain a strategic plan that aligns with the university-wide plan.  The importance of this presence has not diminished and will only increase for the next accreditation process that will start up in 2010, as most of the accreditation review now takes place through websites.  So, yes, units should continue this practice.

Should we be listing department heads

From Janet Cabaniss, President's Office IT: I wonder if the Web Publishers group could discuss the implications and need for putting more information about academic and administrative departments on the web.  For example, I just now found a need to know who the chair of Political Science is.  Although there is a Political Science web site, I had to email knowledgeable people to find out who the chair was.  Also, there is no particularly consistent way to know what number you would call to talk to an assistant in each department who would know the answer. 

Also, I think people don’t necessarily realize how others are using their pages and how a little bit more info could make everyone’s life lots easier.