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WC3School's CSS Examples and Test Drives

This site provides the opportunity for novice and beginner CSS'ers to try their hand at various aspects of CSS without the pain of putting it on a Web site. You choose a command you want to try out, open the link, play with some of the settings and click to found out what happened. Everything from background colors to font styles to positioning is there for you to experiment with.

Site Reviews

  1. Pharmacology -
    1. Cleaver 404 page -
  2. Soybean Rust Project -

Remember to check any links you have to these sites, as the pages and/or URL's may have changed.

Web Policy Review

Use of Domain

All departments and other units of the University must use the University's domain,, for their Web sites.

Programs which are formally joint activities with an outside entity (e.g., another university, state agency, local government) may be permitted to use a .org or .info address, subject to approval by the UK Manager of Web Services. Any affiliated corporation or other activity determined by the UK Manager of Web Services to be sufficiently independent of the University by the nature of its mission, such as WUKY, may also be permitted to obtain a .org or .info address. If a situation should arise where a site must be hosted by an outside entity, the UK Manager of Web Services may approve the acquisition of a .org or .info address which includes "UK" in its name. In any cases of disagreement with the UK Manager of Web Services's decision, the WAC may review and resolve the disagreement.

Only activities of a commercial nature and approved in advance by the President's Cabinet or its designee after recommendation of the WAC may obtain a .com address.

Personal Web sites for students, faculty, staff, and alumni, or organizations thereof, that are not actually part of the University are not restricted by this policy. However, any such site maintained by a member of the University community must not state or imply that it is an official site of the University of Kentucky and must include a disclaimer to that effect.

No Advertising or Logos

No Web site may include advertising of any kind including corporate logos.

Partnership and Agency Logos

Logos of state and federal agencies with which the University partners, logos of other institutions of higher education with which the University partners, and logos of prominent grant, fellowship and honor programs consistent with the mission of the University as determined by the WAC are permitted on University Web sites. Unobtrusive logos of software companies on Web pages provided by their software that the University would not otherwise customize are permitted. Logos, which upon review by the WAC are deemed appropriate to express cooperative endeavors in which the University engages, may be used on University Web sites.  Relevant text names and hyperlinks are permitted in all cases.

Requests for use of corporate logos to be used in a non-advertising circumstance may be submitted to the WAC to approve on a case by case basis.

NOTE: The WAC reserves the right to review and request changes to any use of outside logos even in cases otherwise permitted by this policy.


University Web sites may be used to sell products or services which directly support the educational, clinical, research or outreach mission of that department. (Examples would be conference registration, continuing education credits, or maps sold by the Kentucky Geological Survey.) Commercial activities which indirectly support these efforts such as promotional items must follow the existing purchasing rules and are limited to off-campus sites with a proper disclaimer.

Please see the Web Policy for further details

Notes from Campus

Neat Photo JavaScript

A lot of people came up after the meeting and wanted to know how to get this feature.

Part of the Site Review unveiling of Pharmacology's new site was a look at it's photo gallery. When you click on a photo thumbnail you'll see a neat little trick that brings the photo up with pertinent information at the bottom, all the while darkening the background and providing a Close X button. In addition, when you mouse to the far right corner of the first photo or either far corner of subsequent photos, you'll reveal <Prev> and <Next> buttons.

This is all achieved with a JavaScript called Lightbox JS v2.02, available free from, a site run by Boston-based Web programmer Lokesh Dhakar.

The download provides you with the script and directions for inserting it into your photo pages.