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Web@UK - Date/time July 20, Thursday, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings - South Campus on July 17, 2PM, location TBA
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Google and the Gov –
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Admissions Sites Growing In Importance

New data reveal that college and university Web sites are the second most important component of recruiting efforts, behind campus visits by prospective students. Specifically, online tools such as blogs are attracting growing numbers of high school students to help them decide what institution to attend. Other institutions offer different kinds of online resources. North Dakota State University, for example, lets students find others with similar interests and exchange e-mail.
ABC News, 22 May 2006

Site Reviews

  1. Singletary Center –
  2. Multicultural Affairs and University Engagement –
  3. University Engagement –

Remember to check any links you may to these sites, as the pages may have changed.

Web Policy Review

Privacy, Security and the Law

Section IV.D.1. of the University Web Policy specifies basic behavior with regard to privacy. Specifically all UK Web sites which collect personal information must inform the user exactly what is being collected and its intended use(s). There is a basic statement provided, however, in many instances (if not most) you will wish to provide a more detailed statement. You can visit the online giving page to see a sample statement. if you have questions about creating a statement, please don't hesitate to contact Web Services.

Section IV.D.2 states the obvious: don't break the law. This section specifically mentions HIPAA and FERPA because of the relevance and scope of those laws. Additionally, this site also highlights the following requirements:

  • Use of encryption or notice of its absence when personal information is transmitted
  • Use of HIPAA and photo release forms
  • Use of encryption when credit card information is transmitted.

Finally, section IV.D.3. of the Web policy requires that all Web sites be broadcast on servers that are approved by IT. In other words, don't set up a Web server under your desk.

Please see the Web Policy for further details

Notes from Campus

UK's LIFT Text Transcoder and How to Use it

UsableNet develops market leading solutions to support universities, government agencies and corporations in delivering Web-based applications and content to mobile and assistive devices.

LIFT Text Transcoder creates a dynamically generated, text-only view of web content and services that is optimized to improve web accessibility and support for people with disabilities and users of assistive technology.

The philosophy behind LIFT Transcoder is that while clients devote finite resources to making web content as accessible as they can as the content is created, LIFT Transcoder immediately - at no impact to client IT or web development resources - creates an accessible (compliant) view of all web content.

LTT supports all content, dynamic and static, and most applications through optimization including Blackboard. It does not support JavaScript.

UK's LIFT Text Transcoder currently works only on the server. Others may eventually be brought online in the future.

LTT will translate you Web page into a text only page as long CSS alignment and styles are used properly.

You simply place the words "Text Only" somewhere on your page linking it to Then LIFT takes over and converts not only your homepage, but any and all pages after that as long as the viewer remains in the text only mode.

(Thanks Christopher Emmick)