Important Dates

TRAINING UPDATE: Web@UK - April 12 in 106 McVey Hall

Web Publishers Meetings

South Campus on April 17, 2 p.m., G040 Gill Heart Institute
North Campus April 18, 2 p.m. location TBD

Review of New Web Publishers Pages

The site may look the same for now but new links have been added to help UK Web Publishers better understand and utilize the technologies available to them. There now a link to a server list with the name of the person responsible. Also, the Web Advisory Committee members are listed. And finally, all previous summaries of meetings can be had with the click of the mouse.

Visit today.


Site Review Browsers are Updated
Opera updated to 8.5 for PC and Mac
CSS Tip: Incredible Shrinking CSS Rules
Seven Screen Reader Usability Tips

Web Policy Review

Site Reviews and University Standards

Section IV.A.1.F. of the University Web Policy states if a UK institutional or unit signature is included on any Web material, it must be the appropriate signature and in accordance with the University's Graphic Standards. Copies of the official institutional and unit signatures are available from University Public Relations for use in the creation of Web materials.

Section IV.A.1.I. states that Web sites having gone through major revisions or newly developed Web sites must be submitted to University Public Relations for a Site Review.

Section IV.A.1.J. states that Standards pertaining to the visual appearance of official University materials are the responsibility of University Public Relations (257-3303) and must be followed for electronic publications (official Web materials) just as they would be for any other publication.

NOTE: Use of the University of Kentucky institutional signature is not required on Web pages except as part of the University's universal navigation bar, although use of University Public Relations developed and approved unit signatures is encouraged.

Section IV.A.1.K. states that Guidelines for official Web materials together with instructions for their implementation are maintained by University Public Relations.

Please see the Web Policy for further details

Notes from Campus


A question came up in each of March meetings concerning copyright, one about photos and the other about translating foreign language transcripts into English.

For either question the best place to look is what UK's Legal Office uses - the Copyright & Fair Use Overview at Standard University.

However, when you have a specific question you should contact UK's Katherine Adams at (859) 257-2936.