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Web@UK - (tentative) November 30, Wednesday, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
Combined Meeting (both groups)
Dec. 19, 2PM, location TBA






Guide for developing usable and useful (government) Web sites –
Test your web design in different browsers -
Fun - A little humor with your search results - (test with the words microsoft, apple computer, csi, xbox, nintendo, nun study)
Web Directions North (Web Designers Conference), Feb. 6-10, Vancouver, BC -

Common Site Review Errors - Language Declaration

This error shows up second only to alt tag lapses. Although it may be low on the priority check list, it can be fixed with some simple added coding.

According to HTML Dog: You should identify the primary language of a document either through an HTTP header or with the xml:lang attribute inside the opening html tag. Although this is not necessary to produce a valid XHMTL document, it is an accessibility consideration. The value is an abbreviation, such as 'en' (English), 'fr' (French), 'de' (German) or 'mg' (Malagasy).

The declaration for a document with primarily English content for example would look like this: <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"> has a page of acceptable declarations for your use depending on the DOCTYPE version you use on your pages.

Web Policy Review

Accessibility (IV.A.1.b.)

All official Web materials developed after July 1, 2003 must comply with Section 508 accessibility standards of the federal government. All official Web materials developed after October 1, 2005 must also comply with state statute KRS 61.980-61.988, the Governor’s ADA Taskforce for Postsecondary Institutions Guidelines for the Accessibility of Electronically Delivered Instruction and Services (this is a pdf) , and the Americans with Disabilities Act. All UK Web materials must comply with any additional legal or regulatory mandates with regard to accessibility in force at the time of the creation of those Web materials in accordance with University standards and guidelines provided by the Office of Public Relations. In situations of apparent conflict between or among these regulations, the Office of Public Relations will provide determination of appropriate action for the University. These accessibility standards supersede all other obligations including University requirements and code validation.

Please see the Web Policy for further details

Notes from Campus

CSS Hands-on Video available

Shamick Gaworski of the Creative Applications for Learning Environments Lab (CALE) in the College of Agriculture emailed to let everyone know:

Not too long ago, through the efforts of UK Libraries, Glen Horton came down from Cincinnati to present CSS training. I arranged to have it recorded and put online. It is currently available on the UK CSS Users Group site. Look for the link called "Watch 2 hour hands-on training about CSS."

It may be of some use to people interested in getting into CSS.

Thanks Shamick!!!