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Web@UK - (tentative) October 25, Wednesday, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
South Campus
Nov. 20, 2PM, location TBA
North Campus
Nov. 21, 2PM, location TBA






Deprecated attributes (tags or elements being phased out of browsers) -
Judge Rules Accessibility Suit Against Target Can Proceed – Computer World web article

Accessibility Issues - Use of LABEL Attribute in Forms

According to Robert's Talk, "The label element is used together with form elements and it makes it accessible to screen readers, while also making the text clickable to set focus to the element in question."

The problem occurs most often here at UK when we have search windows on our pages. If we use the newer Searching Your Pages-Custom Searching method on the Providers page we're safe because the proper HTML is included. However, if we haven't updated for a while then the <label for="q"></label> tags may not be present within our HTML and text and screen readers will not know what the Search window is all about.

Other examples of proper form "labeling" are available from NetMechanic, SEO Consultants, the Web Design Group, and WebXact

Web Policy Review

Responsibility And Accountability (IV.A.1.a.)

IV. Policy

  1. Official Web Materials
    1. Public Web materials
      The University, through its various sectors, colleges, departments, and other units and programs, creates and maintains official Web materials for the purposes of teaching, research, service to the community, and administrative operations. Official Web materials must be broadcast on servers belonging to the University of Kentucky unless specific exception is granted by University Public Relations in consultation with University Counsel. The following requirements apply to such official materials:
      1. The appropriate university official (i.e., Vice President, Dean, Department Chair, Committee Chair, Director, etc.) shall formally designate a specific individual or committee to administer Web materials that represent an official University unit. That official also shall provide for appropriate mechanisms and procedures to ensure that the official materials are accurate, up to date, and in conformance with all applicable University policies and regulations. The University official is responsible for keeping University Public Relations informed of these designees.

Please see the Web Policy for further details

Notes from Campus

Behind the Scripting of the UK Homepage

Due to the use of technically complex PHP scripting and Smarty templates please contact John Soward of Site Lab for detailed information.

NOTE: Since John Soward was unable to present at this month's South Campus meeting he may give the presentation in Nov.